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Tough Choices

It’s Wednesday and Wednesday is the day I’m supposed to come up with a blog post. I made a commitment and I am trying to keep it, but this week, it feels impossible. Everyone knows what happened in the world since my last blog post. Terrorists attacked Paris. They killed more than a hundred and twenty people and injured over four hundred. That was five days ago and Facebook is still full of posts from people going back and forth over the issue of the United States taking in Syrian refugees. It breaks my heart and it makes me angry and it makes me wonder if humanity is worth saving at all.

I don’t understand how anyone can blame all Muslims for what a few extremists have done. I don’t understand how anyone can turn away innocent widows and orphans who are running from the same people who carried out the attacks in Paris. Do they think all danger comes from outside our borders? Do they think denying these people refuge will make us safer?

People, we are not safe. We are fragile beings. We live in a dangerous world and not one of us is getting out of here alive. Does that mean we have to live in fear? I believe we are called to live in love, not fear. I believe we came to this place to learn how to choose love instead of fear. If you barricade yourself inside a bunker and surround yourself with guns, you are still going to die. We all are.

While we are here, we have choices. Every one of them is the choice between love and fear. Fear will tell you it can save you, but it can’t. All it can do is make living feel like dying, day after day after day. I have visited that place and I don’t want to live there. I have a choice and I choose love.