Monthly Archives: February 2017

I’m Back!

It sure has been a long time since I have put up a blog post. I decided to give myself a break because the “every Wednesday without fail” thing had started to feel like a burden. I was having trouble coming up with things to write about and I wanted to give it a rest for a while. I was just about ready to get back to it when we had a little election in America and I didn’t want to talk about that, so I prolonged my break. I had no heart for blogging, but time kept moving on and, suddenly, I have reached another blogiversary. I don’t want to let one of those pass without posting something.

I started this blog four years ago because I wanted to motivate myself to do creative things. I was arriving at my fifty-ninth birthday, which meant I was about to begin my sixtieth year and I didn’t want it to be another year of procrastination. I wanted to give creativity a chance. I promised myself that I would do fifty creative things before my sixtieth birthday. I also promised myself that these would include at least one art doll, one art quilt and one 16” x 20” painting. These were the creative pursuits that most called to me, but that first year was, otherwise, wide open. I did all kinds of creative things and, of course, put off the “Big Three” until very near the end of my blog year.

I met my goal that year and then I started thinking about a goal for the next year. I surprised myself by enjoying painting more than any other creative pursuit I tried that year. My second blog year goal was to create fifty paintings. I procrastinated on that one, too, but I met my goal. Then it was time to pick another one. Painting was still fun for me, but I had spent that second blog year painting almost exclusively indoors. I wanted to push myself into a larger world, so I set a new goal that I knew would be more challenging than any I had set before. I decided to do fifty paintings en plein air. I hoped and prayed that I would not procrastinate, since that would mean painting outdoors in the coldest weeks of the year but, of course, that is exactly what I ended up doing. I finished my fifty plein air paintings just in time for my birthday. Most of them were tiny, but I did paint fifty of them. I was happy, but I was exhausted. I decided not to set a new painting goal for my fourth blog year. I did keep up with the blog itself for another eight months. Then I hit a wall. I was out of town, on a wonderful vacation that turned scary when my husband had a health crisis far from home. I just didn’t want to write about that. I didn’t want to write about anything. I was only going to take a short break, but I couldn’t make myself go back to blogging.

Until today, that is. Today, I am starting a new blog year. I haven’t painted lately, but I find myself itching to set up my palette again and get started. It’s a Sta-wet palette that has been sitting closed up all this time, so I will be tossing all the contents and airing it out for a while. I am ready for a fresh start.