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More Words

Have I done anything worth blogging about lately? I haven’t painted. I haven’t filed my taxes. I haven’t finished any tie-dye. I started some tie-dye. I watched the weather forecast for weeks, waiting for a good day to put some Rayons into pre-soak. Our favorite customer ordered several dresses and we wanted to get started on them, but Florida is wet in the summer. It rains almost every day and it’s hard to tell, just based on a forecast, which days might be the rare ones without rain.

Day after day, I would see a forecast that called for a twenty percent chance of rain and I would decide not to put anything on the line. The rain did not materialize, or it came late in the afternoon. Finally, I decided to risk it, because Rayon is thin and doesn’t take all day to get dry. On a hot day, it can take as little as two hours. I made my lists, I gathered my Rayons into bags according to color palettes, and I brought in my five-gallon bucket so I could mix up a soda ash solution.

I carried the heavy bucket out to the clothesline and I put the first batch of Rayons into the solution. Once that batch was up on the line, I did the same with the other three bags, one at a time, until all four clotheslines were full of blanks. It was about 9:30 in the morning when I put up the last of them and I thought that would give them plenty of time to dry out before the afternoon thunderstorms could roll in.

I went into the house and sat down to get caught up on Words With Friends and Facebook. From Facebook, I always go right back to Words With Friends because solo play gives me a turn every two minutes. As I mentioned last week, it patronizes me like crazy but I love words, so I keep playing. I have still won every single game. The solo play knows all kinds of words it can’t even find a definition for, but it still loses each and every game. It gives itself all the ten-point letters and gives me mostly vowels and it still loses. It is incredibly good at losing. I was busy putting vowels together in interesting ways when I got a text from my daughter, asking me to take her to the grocery store to get some milk. It was still well before noon, so I had no qualms about leaving the blanks on the line while I took my daughter to Publix. She did her usual shotgun chore of hitting Pokestops along the way and then we caught a couple of Pidgeys in the parking lot before we went inside to get milk.

We were on our way back to my daughter’s house when I started to notice the black clouds gathering. She dropped the milk off at her house and then came back to my house because she needed to do some laundry. It was still morning, but those clouds just kept piling up. Then the sprinkling started. When we got to my house, we went out to the clotheslines and pulled the lighter-weight things that were already done. My daughter brought up a weather map on her phone and we saw a big blob of orange and yellow heading, apparently, straight for my back yard.

The blanks were not dry enough, but if we let them get seriously rained on, the soda ash would rinse out. We needed the soda ash to stay in – that was the whole point – so we quickly pulled everything off the line and brought it in the house. We plunked the bags down and started heating water for coffee, relieved that our blanks were not going through a Mother Nature rinse cycle.

Of course, the storm clouds just broke up and blew away while we were drinking our coffee but it was too late for us to put everything back up. We no longer trusted the sky.

Weather and Whatnot

Okay, it’s blog time again and I want to report from my real life and my real heart, but there’s not a whole lot of reportable stuff going on right now. I got back from the North Carolina trip and got caught up on chores. Nobody wants to read about my bill-paying and grocery-shopping. The time I don’t spend on chores I spend watching political things on television, and I’m absolutely not going to blog about that. This is not a political blog. Just reading the ones I read and seeing the vitriol in the comments makes me question my faith in humanity.

I don’t want to lose all faith in humanity. I know the vicious people are a small minority, but they’re a loud minority and they make me sad, so I won’t be opening up my blog to that sort of virulent discussion. Nor will I waste my time preaching to the choir of my regular followers. You know where I stand.

If I want to be topical and I don’t want to be political, that leaves the weather and Pokemon Go. The weather is hot and I’m not playing Pokemon Go. My daughter wants me to play Pokemon Go, but, so far, I have resisted the temptation. I may be weakening.

She does seem to be having a good time. Today, she caught a Pikachu with more than three hundred CP. “Is that good?” I asked. Apparently, that is good. Even though Pikachu is the only Pokemon almost everyone has heard of, it’s not particularly common in the game. When you do find one, it doesn’t usually have much CP, and three hundred is a lot (at least for a Pikachu – I’m still a little fuzzy on the details). If you’re like me, you hear something like CP and you want to know what the letters stand for, so (now that I’ve asked my daughter) I will tell you. It’s Combat Power. That sounds intriguing and I want to know more.

Yes, I may be weakening.


Sometimes, resistance is not futile. Sometimes, it just wins. I woke up this morning knowing I had a lot of work to do in order to get the tie-dye business ready for a market day this Saturday. I also knew that I was facing strong resistance. I was tired and I didn’t want to do anything at all, much less work outside. In August. In Florida. The first thing I did, after finishing my Morning Pages, was check the weather report. Dyeing is important, but pre-soaking is the first step and that requires at least five or six hours of sunshine. In spite of the fact that I live in the Sunshine State, we haven’t had much of it this summer, so if the forecast gives me hope, I need to be putting things on the line. The Weather Channel gave me hope. Over breakfast, I checked the paper; no hope there. It said we had a 40% chance of showers. Well, obviously, that went to press hours ago, so the TV forecast should be more accurate. I checked a local station and it also said we would get no rain today.

I sat down to look at my tally sheets and see what I should put into pre-soak. I made lists. Making lists is my favorite thing to do when I’m trying to avoid actually working. Lists are important; they need to be done, but if I’m making lists, there is probably something more important that I should be doing. That’s as far as I got with my plans for pre-soaking. Though several sources had told me there would be no rain, I saw dark clouds hovering over my back yard when I went out to get started on the pre-soaking. I came back inside. I updated our Facebook page, whining about how I couldn’t decide what to do. I replied to some comments. I said to myself, “Woman, you have got to get some work done today!”

I decided to go back outside and look at the sky. It was still too cloudy for pre-soaking, but I thought I could get some dyeing done. The things that were highest on my priority list were a few items my daughter had tied yesterday – things she needs before the weekend because it’s going to be a costume day at the market. There is no way my daughter will let a costume day go by without dressing up. She needs those Rainbows!

I was moving in slow motion while I set up my dyeing table. It was hot and my resistance to working outside was still strong. I was pushing myself and my self was pushing back. I threw a plastic tablecloth over my chest freezer to turn it into a dye mixing station. I set up the blender and the measuring cups and the jars of chemicals. I was determined to get some dyeing done, resistance be damned. IN YOUR FACE, resistance!

Then I went to the garage refrigerator to get out the dyes that were already mixed. I shifted a quart container out of the way so I could get at the caddy that holds the eight-ounce bottles. I started to pull that out and it caught on the quart-sized container of Raspberry dye. I watched that container fall to the concrete floor and split open. Once that slow-motion fall was over, I sprang into action, picking up the container and running outside with it, dripping Raspberry dye all the way. I set it down on the driveway and went in search of another container that would hold the dye. Once I poured what was left into the second container, I started cleaning up the mess, trying not to be upset about losing a pint of dye. It could have been worse. I still had a pint left.

That was when I decided that the resistance had won. I don’t care what the Weather Channel says. I don’t care what my inner critic says. I don’t care what anyone says. Today is not a good day to dye.

A fine mess.

A fine mess.