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A New Painting

I still have hopes of painting the sunflowers I mentioned in last week’s blog post, but this week, it’s been hard to find a good time to paint outdoors. The temperature is better in the morning, but the light is better in the afternoon. I know I don’t have the skills to actually capture the light, but the light moves me. I need to be moved before I tackle another outdoor painting.

At least, I think I do. Painting outdoors has lots of special challenges. Painting indoors under controlled conditions is easier, and a good way to build skills. I need to build skills. I could cut the sunflowers and bring them indoors but that doesn’t seem fair to the birds who planted them. The birds want them to go to seed, so they can eat them. Fair is fair, so I will only paint them if I can do it outside.

I needed to get back to painting, though. Because of the Florida Folk Festival and my husband’s heart attack (he’s still improving; thanks for asking), I left the paints alone too long, and I started feeling intimidated by them again. I needed to paint something – anything – to remind myself that the process is always fun, whether the result pleases me or not. I’m learning from my mistakes. I needed to go ahead and make some.

I clipped a hydrangea bloom from my side yard and put it in a small vase in front of a yellow background. Hydrangeas are more complicated than sunflowers but I did my best.



I was still working on this when my daughter called to ask if I would take her to Target to try and get one of the i-Pad Minis they have on sale this week. It’s a good sale, but there are limited quantities and no rain checks, so it’s not easy to find one in stock. I had driven to another county to get my own two days before. I got lucky; they had just had a delivery. My daughter had not yet decided she wanted one at that point. When she did decide, we drove to a different far-away Target because the internet said they had it in stock, but the last one was sold before we got there.

That was yesterday. This morning, our nearest Target was showing on the internet that it had some in stock. I wasn’t inclined to believe it and I was busy painting, for the first time in weeks, so I said I would take her when I finished my painting. Once the painting was signed, I picked her up and we drove to Target. We walked in and saw that the Associate in Electronics was on the phone, telling someone the i-Pad Minis were all gone. At that moment, another Associate walked up and said they had just received some more on the truck.

If I had not been busy painting, we would have been there quite a bit earlier, when they would have told us the Minis were all gone. My daughter would have been sadly disappointed. As it was, she arrived at the perfect time to get a new i-Pad Mini, fresh off the truck.

Painting is good!