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Baby Step

My Sta-Wet palette has stayed wet for a week now. I was sure I was ready to start painting again but I kept procrastinating. Well, Saturday was Independence day and we were planning to have our kids and grandkids over for a cook-out, so some housecleaning was necessary. My kids know how I live, so I didn’t have to go crazy and take the knobs off things to clean behind them, but I did want to clear the clutter from surfaces and make the floors navigable for a two-year-old.

There was a lot of clutter on my surfaces. It took me days to relocate or toss it, mostly because I’m not good at deciding to toss it. Sweeping the floors was a satisfying task because they definitely needed to be swept. It’s not really much fun to sweep a floor if you do it every day. I know that’s what good housekeepers do but I don’t know how they can stand having so little to sweep up. You have to squint to see if there’s anything to brush into the dustpan.

That is a problem I will never have. I had fun sweeping and vacuuming and making the house safer for grandchildren, but I did not manage to fit in any painting time before the holiday. I couldn’t do it on the holiday. I had a house full of people and some of them were small enough not to know better than to grab pretty things I should not have left where small hands could reach them. I need to see my grandchildren more often. They always turn out to be taller than I remember.

Well, that’s why I didn’t paint last week. Sunday was a day of rest after staying up late for fireworks (okay, they were on TV, but still…) and Monday was laundry day. Laundry and painting don’t mix. It seems as if Tuesday could have been a perfect painting day, but somehow, painting did not happen. Some bill-paying happened. Some grocery shopping happened. No painting.

And then came blog day. This day. Can you even imagine how much I did not want to blog about procrastination again? About not painting? I had to do something but I was still irrationally resistant to painting outside. I needed to take a smaller step. I walked into my kitchen and looked around. I found some tomatoes my husband had brought in from the garden. I set them up in my old painting space and I got out one of my tiny canvases and I painted them.



I didn’t paint it outdoors so it doesn’t count towards my total, but it sure felt good to paint something again. I’m hoping this little still life has broken the block.