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Painting and Paperwork

I seriously considered not writing a post today. I’m in a new year and I haven’t made any promises or commitments yet. I am under no obligation to publish something today. I could let it go. I could give it a rest. I could take a week off.

I could do that, but I just keep thinking about that lovely progress report WordPress sends me at the end of the year, and how pretty that chart looks when there’s a post every Wednesday. That nice, straight line calls out to me from the future and begs me not to let it down. I don’t have a new goal, but I do love that straight line.

I may not set a creative goal for this blog year. I know I want to paint, but what I want to do with that is just keep learning more about working en plein air. I don’t know if a new goal would help or hinder that effort. My last goal did get me to do forty paintings in just a few weeks and that was what taught me that I love painting outdoors, but I am not sure I want to have another Sword of Damocles hanging over my head.

I may yet decide that I do. It won’t be this week, though. This week, I am too busy giving myself a hard time for putting off my income tax spreadsheets until the last half of March. I have started them, but I haven’t finished them. They are not difficult, but they are tedious. Most years, I start working on them in January in order to have the business information together, or at least starting to come together, by the time the W2 forms and 1099 forms start arriving.

All those forms are here now. I have even received a corrected form that replaces one that came in January or February. I just need those spreadsheets for the business and I will be ready to bounce the income tax ball into the Accountant’s court. I have finished all the easy ones. That leaves Cost of Goods Sold, which can’t be calculated until I value my inventory. That’s the hard part. I can sit down and add up all my other expenses in a single session at the desk top, but valuing my inventory takes days.

I will get there. I have begun it and I will finish it. Then maybe I will be able to think about painting again.

Palette Mess

Palette Mess

I guess I should clean out my palette first.