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Still May

The long days of dyeing have begun. The pre-soaking went smoothly because we were blessed with four or five days in a row of perfect pre-soaking weather. Even though we live in Florida, which is called the Sunshine State, anyone who lives here knows that a lot of that sunshine comes in liquid form, particularly in the warmer months. To have several days of bright, breezy weather with low humidity is rare and we are grateful that they came exactly when we needed them.

The humidity continues to be low, something I know without looking at a weather report because I’ve been mixing dyes and my measuring spoon has not become encrusted with sodium hexametaphosphate. That’s water softener. I could say water softener, but I get a kick out of saying sodium hexametaphosphate. On humid days, there’s so much of it stuck to my measuring spoon that I’m pretty sure I’m no longer getting an accurate measurement. Today that spoon stayed dry all day.

It was hot, though. We didn’t get started with the dyeing until late morning because we needed to go to the grocery store. You can only put that off so long before you start running out of food and you can’t face long dyeing days without food. We know what the long dyeing days are like, so we bought plenty of Breakfast Essentials. Okay, it’s not a real meal, which is probably why they stopped calling it Instant Breakfast, but it will sure get either one of us from early morning to noon with no trouble.

By the time we put away our groceries and started working this morning, the day was already beginning to heat up. A lunch break cooled us off, but going back outside in the afternoon was a challenge. After we had been working a while, my daughter disappeared into the house and then my husband came to tell me he was taking her home.

“She’s coming back, right?” I said.
“Yes, she just needs to get something from her house,” he replied.

I kept working, enjoying the solitude. I don’t get much of that now that my husband is retired, so I appreciate it when it shows up. After a while, my husband and daughter returned with a surprise. My sneaky daughter had discovered cash left on her Starbucks card and bought us all Frappuccinos. A venti Frappuccino is a lovely treat when you’re working outdoors on a hot afternoon. It got me all the way through an entire category of Rainbow cottons. I finished the Starbursts and Accessories.

Rainbow Starburst

Rainbow Starburst

I thought about moving on to Rainbow Hearts or Rainbow Guitars, but then I caught myself putting purple next to green on a bandana and knew it was time to stop. When I can’t remember ROYGBV, I am too tired to make tie-dye.