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Paperwork and Painting

I hesitate to even begin this week’s blog post. I wanted to be able to report that my tax returns were all filed. I can’t do that, so I would rather just say nothing and go to bed, but I can’t sleep on a Wednesday if I haven’t blogged, so here I am.

Lack of sleep is not something I want to court right now. My brain is wrangling with tax matters this week and it keeps waking me up in the middle of the night as if that is a good time to review 1099-R forms. Trust me, it’s not. I need to review 1099-R forms, but not at one-thirty in the morning.

On the upside, the business tax return is filed. That’s usually the one that worries me, but not this time. My husband retired in December, so it’s the personal return that’s complicated this year. We’ll get it done, but meanwhile, I need to figure out how to stop thinking about it long enough to get some sleep.

Today, I decided it might help if I could get back to painting. I wasn’t awake enough to try driving far from home, so I painted an afternoon sky from my front porch. It was an interesting sky, with some dark clouds and some wispy white clouds, but as soon as I sat down to start painting, the sky started changing.

I painted as quickly as I could but I ended up painting mostly from memory. Clouds are striking and beautiful, but they won’t sit still and pose for a painter. As tired as I was, I still enjoyed spending time trying to capture those clouds on canvas.

April Clouds

April Clouds

I’m happy to have a painting to share with my readers. I will be even happier when I can report that all the tax returns have been filed and I am no longer losing sleep over them.