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Weather and Pokemon Go

I am looking out my window and watching rain come down in the midst of a bright, sunlit afternoon. The sun is bouncing off the metal roof across the street and it’s so bright it’s making me squint, but between that roof and me, steady rain is falling. That’s the weather report from blog day in Florida.
Now for the Pokemon Go report. Yes, I am playing. If you read last week’s post, that will come as no surprise. My daughter is the one who put it on my phone, but I didn’t protest too loudly. She downloaded it for me Friday afternoon, but she didn’t have time to stay and help me learn how to play it, beyond the most basic instructions for flipping Pokestops and capturing Pokemon with Pokeballs.

The next morning, I got up early to go to the local flea market. I was sitting in my car, waiting for the flea market to open, when a Pikachu spawned nearby. I didn’t have a Pikachu and I wanted one. I felt a bit silly, but I got out of my car to try and track down that Pikachu. As far as I could tell, it was right in the middle of the first flea market building, but I couldn’t get my game to let me capture it. I couldn’t get my game to do anything and I couldn’t message my daughter about it because it was before eight o’clock in the morning. She would not take kindly to being messaged about a Pikachu that early in the day. I had to let that Pikachu get away.

I did ask her about it later in the morning and she taught me how to force quit the game and re-load it. That’s what must be done when it freezes up and won’t do anything. Good to know.

She also told me we should check out a Pikachu nest in a local park. I thought that sounded like fun, so I picked her up and we headed down there. Shotgun is a crucial position when both driver and passenger are playing Pokemon Go. Of course, you can’t drive and play at the same time, so the person in the passenger seat has to balance two devices and make sure no Pokestops are missed along the way. These must be tapped and spun so that Pokeballs and other items can be collected. Timing is critical if you are trying to do this from a moving vehicle and my daughter has developed excellent timing.

The Pikachu hunt turned out to be a bust. There had been an update and the Pikachu nest was gone. We had fun catching other things and chatting with other players, which is the coolest thing about this game. It gets introverted nerds (yes, I am one of those) out of their houses and into situations where it feels normal to socialize with dozens – or even hundreds – of other players.

It also gets us to exercise, as we see things on our radar and walk all over a park or parking lot trying to find them. It reminds me of being at the beach, picking up shells. We just keep walking and walking, without realizing how far we’re going, because we’re finding cool things and we want to find more.

The biggest thing we found today was a Magmar.
The goofiest may have been the Psyduck. My daughter had dropped a lure on a Pokestop, which draws more Pokemon to that stop, so we got a lot of those. One of them appeared to spawn in my hand.
Yes, I weakened, and now I’m playing Pokemon Go like most of the rest of the world. It may be a little silly, but it sure beats watching politics on TV all day.