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I Finally Painted

I know the handful of people who read this blog regularly are wondering about the paintings. I suppose there may be some people checking out my blog for the first time and they wouldn’t know about the paintings. You might be thinking, “What paintings?” Just in case, I will explain.

I started this blog on my birthday almost three years ago. I was turning fifty-nine and I wanted a way to motivate myself to do something creative before my sixtieth birthday. I set myself a goal of doing fifty creative things, including at least one art doll, one art quilt and one 16” x 20” painting. I managed to meet that goal (barely) and then I set a new goal for my second blog year. I had surprised myself by enjoying the painting more than any of the other creative projects, so I decided to do fifty paintings in my second blog year.

I procrastinated, as usual, so I ended up doing the last twenty paintings the last twenty days before my birthday, but I got them done. Woo hoo! Then I had to set a new blog goal. I resisted doing it for a while, but then I settled on fifty more paintings, with a new requirement. I had always wanted to learn to paint en plein air, so I decided the new paintings would all be done outside. I knew I was setting myself up for a very uncomfortable January if I procrastinated again. I hoped that thought would be enough motivation to keep me from putting off half of my paintings until just before my blogiversary.

Well, I didn’t put off half of my paintings until just before my blogiversary. Over the course of this last blog year, I managed to finish exactly ten plein air paintings. Instead of twenty paintings to finish in the last twenty days before my birthday, I found myself needing forty of them. Then I procrastinated one more day, which brings us to today.

Today, I finally painted. I took a tiny canvas into my side yard and I painted my neighbor’s camellia blossom.



My daughter was visiting and she encouraged me to paint another painting. She found a potted spider plant and suggested I paint that. Then she saw the look on my face and suggested I try painting just the baby plant that was hanging over the side of the pot. I decided to give it a try.


Two down, thirty-eight to go.