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This Week’s Story

This was not a painting week. I wanted it to be a painting week. I wished it could be a painting week. It just didn’t turn out to be a painting week. Well, at first it was because I needed to be dyeing in those early morning hours when it was not too hot to work outside. Then there were other chores that my inner critic insisted must be done before I could allow myself some painting time. Okay, okay, I did my chores.

I was looking forward to Tuesday as a possible painting day, but on Sunday, I discovered a nail in my tire. By “discovered,” I mean I drove several blocks to my daughter’s house while my tire made strange sounds and I realized what they were as I pulled into my daughter’s driveway and she said, “Mom, you have a flat tire.” I called my husband and he drove over to put on the spare for me. It’s one of those itty bitty doughnut spares, so on Monday I drove to the tire repair shop. The tire couldn’t be fixed because it was too old. They could have put an inexpensive tire on my car that day and sent me on my way, but my daughter went with me to the tire repair shop and she looked up the brand on her cell phone.

It did not have good reviews. They suggested a somewhat more expensive brand. My daughter nixed that one as well. We finally settled on a more reliable brand, one endorsed by my daughter’s friend who is a mechanic. That brand was not in stock, so we ordered it, along with two more to replace the other ancient tires on my car. Only one of the tires on my car was not ancient. That one had to be replaced in the middle of the Florida Folk Festival, but that’s another story. This story is about why I didn’t paint this week.

Tuesday could not be my painting day because Tuesday was my day to wait by the phone for the tire folks to call and tell me my tires were in. Then I had to drive up there and wait while they replaced my ancient tires with shiny new tires. That used up all my possible painting time, but it was worth it.

It was worth it because today I needed to take my son-in-law to a doctor’s appointment across town. For my readers (all both of you) who are not familiar with Jacksonville, Florida, I will explain that “across town” means a trip over a bridge, on the interstate. On the way home from this appointment, we ran into a nasty rainstorm. There was water all over the highway. If I had been driving on those ancient tires, there’s a good chance I would have been hydroplaning out there. Thanks to that annoying nail, I was driving on nice, new tires, highly rated for driving in the rain.

I did not paint this week, but I also did not hydroplane, so I’m pretty sure it was a good week.