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A Cold Blog Day

I Sweated to the Oldies today. Are you impressed? If you are not impressed, then you don’t know how much I wanted to skip it this morning. It was twenty-seven degrees outside and I actually had to go outside while the temperature was still twenty-seven degrees. That was because my husband drives a Honda Odyssey that was involved in the recent airbag recall. He made the appointment to get it fixed before anyone knew that arctic cold would be invading Florida today. Since his vehicle was in the shop, I needed to drive him to work. It was either that or let him take my car to work and I did not want to be without a car all day, so I put on a whole lot of layers and I took my husband to work.

Well, technically, he drove, but I did drive myself home after he hopped out of my car and went in to his workplace. Okay, he didn’t hop. He doesn’t like his job that much; let’s be honest. After he trudged into the office, I drove myself home. The whole way there, I was arguing with the part of me that hates to exercise, who thought going out into the cold at the time we normally start the workout should be a good excuse to skip it. I wanted to skip it. I woke up depressed for no apparent reason and all I wanted to do when I got home was wrap myself in a blanket and drink warm beverages.

Instead, I took off my warm layers and I put on my workout clothes. Then I went to my living room and turned on my Sweatin’ to the Oldies 2 DVD and I sweated to those oldies. For a whole hour! Then I pumped my fist and said, “I win!”

Literally. I did that, in my living room, because I was so happy that the lethargy did not win. It was strong but I was stronger. I made a good choice on a bad day, and that turned it into a good day. I celebrated by baking a pie.

Acorn Squash Pie

Acorn Squash Pie

It’s an acorn squash pie. The recipe came from Martha Stewart’s Pies and Tarts, a book I fell in love with long before Martha Stewart became famous, built a media empire and served time for insider trading. She was just a caterer who wrote a book about entertaining and then wrote a book about pies. THE book about pies, the most beautiful book about pies ever written. This book is full of wonderful pie recipes, but the acorn squash pie is my favorite.

Yes, I had this pie in mind when I picked out the Sweet Dumpling squash and the Golden Acorn squash that appeared in my recent paintings. I’ll admit to a little pang when I plunged a knife into them, gutted them and cut them into chunks for steaming. I got over it. The pie is delicious.