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A New Pasted Poem

This has not been a creative week for me. It started with inventory. We count everything four times a year because the thought of just doing it once makes me nervous. I don’t want that much time to lose track of things. The tie-dye business has creative elements, but inventory is not one of them. Once we got the inventory to balance, we started preparing to take the tie-dye to the local arts market, which kept us pretty busy until Saturday, which was our market day. I guess there were some quiet times during the week when I could have done something creative, but I didn’t. I don’t know why.

Sunday arrived and I knew I was going to need to come up with a blog post and I was really hoping I could do it before bedtime this week. I was also hoping I could come up with something creative to do before blogging, so I would have something to add to my list of fifty things. The problem was, I couldn’t come up with any creative inspiration, even after my husband went to my brother’s house to watch the Jaguars lose again and I had the house to myself for hours. I enjoyed the peace and quiet, but I did nothing creative.

By the time my husband returned, I was getting desperate, so I turned to the one thing that never fails me – a pasted poem. I found my little box of words and got to work. I worked quickly, not just because it’s the best way to bypass the inner critic and my pesky rational mind, but also because it was already after six o’clock and bedtime was only a couple of hours away.

I have to say, the process surprised me. I pulled out all kinds of words I thought would be relevant, words like “lost” and “secrets” and “age.” They caught my eye as I was starting out, but they ended up going back in the box. I thought I pulled out “perfect balance” because I wanted to find it, but my heart found a whole different message.

This one surprised me.

This one surprised me.

I like it.

It turns out I was not going to get to bed on time anyway. I had forgotten that the Simpsons “Tree House of Horror” show was coming early this year.