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A Good Influence

My older daughter has a way of talking me into doing things I end up enjoying even though I had initially been determined to avoid doing them. She talked me into going to the midnight release party for the last Harry Potter book. I am a morning person and I’m usually in bed by eight o’clock, so I was pretty sure I did not want to drive to a bookstore late at night, but she reminded me that it was the last book in the series and I would never have another chance. I gave that some thought and decided I wanted to see what a release party was like. I thought I would try to be the designated muggle and leave the Hogwarts attire to my daughter and grandson, but in the end, I couldn’t resist the chance to dress up. My sneaky daughter signed me up for the costume contest when I wasn’t looking. I won my age group, which was “adult.” I was not the only adult in costume, but the others were all a whole lot younger. I’m pretty sure the judges were honoring my nerve, but still…I won!

She talked me into doing NaNoWriMo last year. That’s National Novel Writing Month, in which folks sign up to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. It was not easy to convince me to try this. She went to great lengths to pull it off. She not only won NaNoWriMo herself the previous year (winning means completing 50,000 words), she made it look easy and she made it look fun. I watched her having such a good time and I started thinking I might do it with her the next year. That was her whole plan. She knows I love to write and she also knows I could not imagine taking on a 50,000 word challenge in the month that includes Thanksgiving, when I bake eighteen pies and host a large family gathering. She lost nearly two weeks of her first National Novel Writing Month to various friendship crises and she still finished her 50,000 words early. Having the entire month to do it (less pie-baking day and Thanksgiving, of course) should be a piece of cake, right? She made me believe it. It turned out to be neither a piece of cake nor as easy as pie, but I sure was happy with myself when I validated and got my winner’s certificate.

Then there was last Thursday, which was Talk Like a Pirate Day. I was the one who told her that Krispy Kreme was offering a free doughnut to anyone who would come in and talk like a pirate, and a free dozen doughnuts to anyone who would come in dressed like a pirate. I knew she would want to dress like a pirate and I figured I would be the one driving to Krispy Kreme. My older daughter does not drive. I had no intention of dressing like a pirate. I figured I could say something piratey and get my free doughnut and let my daughter be the one to get a free dozen. Then she called me up Thursday morning and said, “You’re dressing up, right? I have a spare eye patch.”

You can probably guess how that turned out.

Shiver me timbers.

Shiver me timbers.