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Spreadsheet Adventures

Ready or not, I’m going back to the mountains in the morning. I guess I’m ready. My suitcase is packed and loaded into the van. My Autoharp is by the door. Even though the sun is going down, it’s still too hot to leave a musical instrument in the van overnight in Florida. The food and the coolers will go in tomorrow, too. Also my overnight case, because that’s where I pack my morning pages and I can’t pack them until after I write tomorrow’s pages.

Last week, I mentioned that I had paperwork to get done and that we had bought a new printer so I could do it. That printer printed out my inventory worksheets just fine. We counted everything and then I balanced the inventory to the sales tickets. That was an adventure, but I got everything to zero eventually. Then I started on my sales tax spreadsheet. That was an even bigger adventure. I never quite got the sales tickets to balance to the deposits, but I got within $5.00 after re-counting everything several times, so I called it close enough. Then I tried to print out my spreadsheet.

That was when the adventure really started. I did what I had done before to print out spreadsheets and the printer spit out two pages. Two pages of weird symbols and gobbledegook. I hollered for my husband, the retired Information Technology Manager, and then I stepped aside so he could make the printer behave. He eventually did that, after printing out way more than two pages of weird symbols and gobbledegook.

He still doesn’t know how he got it to print the spreadsheet correctly. The important thing is that he did and I was able to use it to fill out my sales tax return and send it off to the Department of Revenue with a check, which is definitely for the correct amount, to the best of my knowledge, or possibly for thirty-three cents too much. Either way, they are getting everything they should be getting. That’s the important thing.

I guess that’s two important things in one paragraph. Sloppy of me, but I’m tired and I have to get up ridiculously early in the morning. There is one more important thing I want to mention before I end this post, though. The spell-check on my iPad actually knows the word “gobbledegook.”