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Baby Steps

This is starting to look like a series. Last week, I was looking around for something to paint and my eye finally fell on a cute little habanero pepper my husband had recently harvested. It was something I could paint quickly. That was important, since I had put off writing my blog post, hoping I would have a painting to write about, until after suppertime on Wednesday, which is my blog day. I painted an itty bitty painting and shared it in my blog post and hoped I would be moving on to something bigger – maybe even something painted on a day other than Wednesday.

Okay, so that didn’t happen. I’ve been having a lethargic week and the weather has not been helping. There’s a low off the coast of Florida that’s been bringing us rain, rain and more rain. This is not cheerful weather. It’s certainly not plein air weather. I still have a dream of painting outdoors, but I’d like to do it on a sunny day, or at least a day without actual water falling from the sky.

So here it is Wednesday again and I was looking around for something to paint again and there on the kitchen counter was another pepper. My husband is really proud of this one. This is the first time he’s ever grown a Ghost Pepper. These little things are so hot, they make habaneros look like sweet peppers. Seriously, they rate almost double on the Scoville scale. These are demonic little peppers.

Ghost Pepper

Ghost Pepper

If you ask me, they even look evil. Look at that shape, so much longer and sharper than the habanero. It even has little points all over it. It’s evil, I tell you – eeeeevil! Of course, I may be projecting. It unnerves me to realize we have these things growing in our back yard.

Anyway, I have another itty bitty pepper painting. Maybe next week, I’ll do something different. Maybe the rain will stop and I will paint outside. Maybe I’ll find some other sort of pepper growing in my back yard. Or a carnivorous plant from outer space.

You never know!