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About the Blog

My regular followers probably noticed that I didn’t publish a post last Wednesday. I was in a hotel that night and being in a hotel that night was not the original plan. According to the original plan, I should have been home by then. I was not prepared to write another blog post on the road. I did try, but when it got to be 10:20 pm and I saw that I was just getting a good start, I decided to let it go.

I decided to let this one go, too, but then I realized I wanted to explain why, so here I am. I chose to keep up the Wednesday blog posts because I was enjoying them. I looked forward to Wednesdays because they were my blog days. I’m not sure when that sense of anticipation turned into a sense of obligation, but it did. It made me think of my favorite quote from Ghostbusters II, “The joyfulness is over.”

I want blogging to be joyful. If it’s not joyful for me, it can’t possibly be joyful for my readers. I’m tired. I was on the road for a solid month and being home is both a relief and a disappointment. I saw so many wonders on my vacation that it’s a little hard to adjust to daily life again. Still, I missed this house. I missed my children and grandchildren. I missed my fellow singers in the Don Thompson Chorale.

It is good to be home. It is good to be back in my comfy chair. It is good to be singing again. I’m sure it will be good, eventually, to be blogging again. Just not every single Wednesday without fail. That’s not fun any more.