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Tie-dye Time

I’ve become rather obsessive about posting something on this blog once a week. This week, I won’t be able to manage my usual Friday post. I will be camping at a folk festival and I will not be bringing a computer with me. I will be on my feet for three days straight in the tie-dye booth and sleeping in a tent at night. It’s not an ideal blogging situation, but it will be fun. The tent will be right behind the tie-dye booth, which will be very near the main stage. Music goes on for hours after the official show ends for the night. It just moves from the stages to the campfire circles. I love falling asleep to the sound of fiddles.

I’m happy that we did manage to get caught up on our little girls’ dresses. I pre-soaked a lot of things when we started trying to gear up for this festival and not all of them made it all the way through the tie-dye process. We work outdoors, so our work is weather-dependent. We had some gorgeous days these past two weeks, but we also had some impossible days. Maybe some people work outside with wet things when temperatures are in the thirties; I am not willing to do that.

We have plenty of tie-dye – way more than we will sell at this festival. The problem, of course, is choice. A person may only buy one thing, but that person wants a lot of things from which to choose. When we do our biggest festival of the year, we rent a truck, so we can bring everything we can fit into a 10′ x 20′ booth. We do that because we know the sales at that event will be enough to justify the expense. This weekend’s festival is quite a bit smaller. We will have a 10′ x 10′ space and we have to fit everything we’re bringing (including all our camping gear) in my husband’s Honda Odyssey.

That job belongs to my daughter. She is my partner in the tie-dye business and I couldn’t do it without her. That’s partly because she does all the tying (I do the dyeing), but it’s also because she figures out how to fit everything into the van. I can fetch and carry things, but I do not decide where they go in the van. That’s her special gift. If I tried to do it myself, I would be weeping and tearing my hair out long before I could get half of the tie-dye into the vehicle. Thank goodness I don’t have to try.

I just get to drive the van, which is not my every-day vehicle, for several hours tomorrow in, if the Weather Channel is to be believed, steady rain and possible thunderstorms. On the upside, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be sunny. Whatever gets wet on Thursday should have time to dry out before we have to pack it back up at the end of the weekend. With any luck, there will be less of it to pack up at that point.

I did not manage to paint anything this week, but I did produce some colorful things.

Rainbows, Fruities and Oceans

Rainbows, Fruities and Oceans