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We are on vacation and I am seeing marvelous things. I’ve already crossed two things off my bucket list: Mt. Rushmore and Devil’s Tower.
They were both impressive, but it was easier to leave Mt. Rushmore than it was to leave Devil’s Tower. Mt. Rushmore is a wonderful work of art, but Devil’s Tower has a natural spirit that is more ancient and more sacred. As long as there have been people living within sight of Devil’s Tower, they have considered It a holy place. It is breathtaking, even from a distance. I gasped the first time it came into view. I kept marveling at it all the way to the visitor center, where we got out of the car so we could get even closer. We thought we might just get a good look and move on, but there was a trail we just couldn’t resist. It goes all the way around the tower. It’s just 1.3 miles, so we thought it wouldn’t take long, but we were wrong about that. Progress is slow when you stop every few feet to take a picture.

We changed our minds about getting back on the road and making some progress towards Yellowstone. We decided to stay in the Devil’s Tower campground.
We wanted to spend more time with this view.