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New Toys

This blog, by design, is not about the tie-dye business. Some day, we’re going to have a web site for the tie-dye business and I intend to have a blog there about the tie-dye business, but this blog is about creative pursuits other than making tie-dye. Still, the tie-dye business does sometimes lead us into other creative pursuits. Recently, it led us into Office Depot, where we were hoping to find a sign that would let folks know that we are now able to take credit cards. They did not have such a sign, but they did have something else: Prismacolor Watercolor pencils. On clearance.

Perhaps a stronger person could have resisted those pencils, but I could not. In my overstuffed creative space were many kinds of art supplies, but no watercolor pencils. Watercolor crayons, yes; watercolor pencils, no. And they were ON CLEARANCE. I had to have them. My daughter (who is also my business partner) talked me into buying some for her, too. What can I say? They were on clearance.

I thought I would take them right home and draw something with them, but it actually took me more than a week to get brave enough to try them out. My husband had bought some peaches at the grocery store, and when I saw them sitting on the kitchen counter in all their red and gold glory, I decided it was time to brave the blank page and give those pencils a try. I chose one perfect peach and found my small sketchbook. Then I opened up my brand new pencils. They were already sharpened and utterly beautiful. Drawing with them felt comfortable and intuitive. There are only twelve of them, so deciding which one to use was uncomplicated. With that limited selection, there was usually only one that would even work for what I was trying to capture, so that was the one I grabbed. It was fun to try for different effects by layering colors on top of each other and I really liked the way my peach turned out. I decided to take a picture of it before adding any water.


Then the fun really started, when I filled my water container and found a brush so I could play with the watercolor effect. I quickly learned that I needed to wipe the wet brush on a paper towel before applying it to my drawing. Too much water would just lift the color right off or send it running down the page – definitely not what I wanted to do. It was also important to rinse the brush between colors, or they would get muddy in a hurry. Fortunately, I could lift off the unwanted muddy color as easily as the much-wanted pretty color. Whew! Here’s the finished peach:


I am happy with this peach. Since I am never happy with any of my attempts at art, that’s saying quite a lot. I was happy enough when I finished it that I started looking around for something else I could draw with my watercolor pencils. I found that my husband had cut a pine cone lily and put in in a handmade vase on the kitchen table. My left brain was worried again because it looked pretty complicated, but my right brain decided to go for it.


I like it. I’ve done two colorful drawings in one week and I actually like both of them. Maybe there’s hope for me after all.