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Who Let the Dark In?

Okay, WriMos, who’s missing a dark muse? A rabid plot bunny? Somebody showed up at my house last night and tried to send my story in a scary, apocalyptic direction. It was not my muse. My muse is named Amber and she’s part of the Thalia corps. I don’t write dark stuff. I don’t even read dark stuff. Has a hacker broken into the computers at Muse Central? Have some wires been crossed? Is Melpomene trying a hostile takeover?

Whoever you are, I need you to call off your muse. Or your plot bunny. My plot bunnies are always fluffy and cute, in pastel colors or jewel tones. This one is black and has fangs dripping blood. He is seriously off course and he needs to move on. I am not going to write a dark story. I would rather lose NaNoWriMo than write a dark story.

I am absolutely not kidding. Well…I might be kidding a little bit about the bunny. There was not literally a blood-soaked black rabbit in my living room last night. My story did take a dark turn, though, and I am definitely not going there. Not now. Not later. Not ever. The world has enough darkness in it; I am not going to be the conduit for more.

I think I’m going to stay away from my story for a while today. I will finish this blog post. I will probably bake something and I will try to make myself paint. I am tired of feeling betrayed by words. I am going to play with cookie dough and I am going to play with color. I will go back to my novel this evening and I will try to turn it towards the light or, at least, towards the funny. I can stand darkness if it’s funny. Funny trumps everything.

We’ll see how it goes. Meanwhile, I can report that I did paint last week.

Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin Painting

This is my Halloween pumpkin, before I carved it, and a Sweet Dumpling squash that caught my eye at the grocery store. I’m still fighting with the orange, but I do like the small squash.

Oh, and I do have other good news to report. My daughter and I went to the after-Halloween sales Saturday morning and found perfect NaNoWriMo hats, at half price.

Kick-off Latte and NaNo Hat

Kick-off Latte and NaNo Hat

Wait…my daughter and I both bought these hats. She came over to my house yesterday and did some work on her NaNoWriMo novel while she was here. My daughter writes horror fiction. She loves the creepy stuff. If the dark side really has cookies, she probably baked them. What if…

Nah…we couldn’t have mixed up our hats, could we?

I know she reads my blog, so I have to ask: Mary, have you seen any pink plot bunnies hanging out at your house?