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The Saving of Clay Jam

I may not have done a lot of creative things this week, but I did save Clay Jam. That ought to count for something. It’s an entire world, after all. I didn’t even buy my way through any of the levels. That was not really an option after my five-year-old grandson got his hands on the iPad and spent all my clay on power plays. I had stopped playing Clay Jam weeks ago because I had activated the Peter Principle by rising to the level of my own incompetence, a level that required me to squash four flying saucers in a row. I knew I could spend clay to skip it, but that felt like cheating. It was only a game, anyway, so I just left it alone and congratulated myself for escaping the addiction. Then my grandsons came for a visit. I thought the younger one was playing a coloring game. I looked away and when I looked back, he was busy spending all my clay on Clay Jam.

Once the boys went home, I found myself re-intrigued by Clay Jam, because I wanted to earn back the clay. Also, it was the last day of the week that had passed since I put up that blog post saying I was determined to blog once a week, no matter what. That meant I should be composing a blog post, so I needed a procrastination strategy — fast! Clay Jam fit the bill. It’s colorful, it’s funny and it’s full of cute monsters. I still had four levels to beat before Ishihara would be gone and the world would be saved. I was pretty sure I couldn’t beat any of them with skill alone, but I needed to earn back a lot of clay before I could afford to buy my way through, so I did have something I could accomplish. I also had plenty of power plays, which are quite helpful when one is trying to earn massive quantities of clay. Thanks to my grandson, the game was fun again.

It turned out my incompetency level was a bit higher than I thought. I did eventually manage to squash four flying saucers in a row and that led me to the next challenge, which was to bounce off four ground mouths in a row. That one really was beyond my skill, so it’s a good thing I beat it by accident. I honestly had no idea I had done it until the little check mark popped up at the end. I still don’t know how I did it, but after I said, “What?”, I said, “Woo Hoo!!”

Two levels later, I saved all of Clay Jam by knocking Ishihara more than 850 meters. You see, I do have an accomplishment to report this week. Also, I drew a squash blossom.


I think I may need more Prismacolor pencils.