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A Special Day

So it has somehow been a whole week since I published a blog post and that means it’s time to publish another one. I was hoping to have painted something by now, but that just didn’t happen. I peeled the dried acrylic paint off my plastic palettes. That’s about as close as I got to painting this week.

The weather has been mostly gray and that hasn’t helped my mood. It’s gray again today and I know I really can’t complain because I live in Florida. I’m not fighting ice and sleet and snow. It’s just a little misty out there. And chilly. Misty and chilly. It’s not as if I’m snowed in. Misted in? No, I can just put on a coat and some boots and go wherever I want to go – especially since my daughter replaced my windshield wiper blades for me a couple of days ago. It’s a miracle. I get in the car, turn on the wipers and I CAN SEE!

That’s one reason I’m thinking fondly of my older daughter today. Another reason is that today is the thirty-fifth anniversary of her birth. Right about this time in 1980, I was counting her fingers and toes. Ten of each, in case you were wondering. She was tiny for a full-term baby – just five pounds and thirteen ounces – but she was perfect. I’m having trouble believing that was thirty-five years ago, but it was.

We had some ups and downs when I was trying to get her safely to adulthood but, once she had a child of her own, she did apologize. Now we get along so well that she’s my partner in the tie-dye business. There would be no business without her; she does all the tying. I do the dyeing. I also do the bookkeeping, which is why there would be no business without me. We make a good team.

We are working pretty hard right now to get ready for a festival in March, but I was thinking she would probably take her birthday off. Nope. She came over and tied a few things today, after asking me to drive her to Krispy Kreme for hot doughnuts. That was her special treat today. Yesterday it was potstickers at P.F. Changs with a friend and tomorrow it will be lamb at a favorite local restaurant with her sister. Today it was two dozen hot, fresh Krispy Kremes shared with the other members of her household and me. I ate three. I lost count of how many my fifteen-year-old grandson ate.

It was a good day and she spent it wearing a headband with brightly colored felt birthday candles on it. Other ladies might wear sparkly tiaras, but that’s just not my daughter’s style. The headband was on top of her Gir hat. Yes, the character from Invader Zim. I wish I had a photograph, but my daughter is a private person when it comes to the internet. She got mad the one time I mentioned her first name in my blog. She has a secret blog of her own. Don’t try to find it. Her best friend can’t even find it. I stumbled upon it by accident, but that’s because I’m lucky. Once I confessed to finding it, she gave me permission to read it.

I said I was lucky. I was lucky when she popped out about thirty minutes after we got to the hospital thirty-five years ago (I do have pictures of that but she would disown me if I put them on the internet) and I’m lucky that she’s my partner today.