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Road Trip

I think I’ve figured out how Wednesday became my regular weekly blog posting day. I’m pretty sure it was related to a folk festival. I had been posting on Fridays and then on Sundays for a while, but then I must have seen a folk festival coming. I normally drive to a folk festival on Thursday and then I’m without wifi all weekend, so I can’t do blog posts.

I’m thinking about this because I’m getting ready to go to a folk festival. I have festivals where I perform and festivals where I sell tie-dye and one festival where I do both. The one coming up this weekend is the Will McLean Festival, where I am a tie-dye artist and not a performer. It’s my tie-dye partner’s favorite festival because I don’t have to leave her alone in the booth while I go somewhere to sing and yodel. It’s also the one where we don’t bring extra family members. It’s just the two of us, with a tie-dye booth and camping equipment.

We love this weekend, but we sure are exhausted before we get on the road. It’s eight o’clock in the evening as I’m writing this and my daughter is still checking all the lists to make sure everything is loaded up in the van. Everything that’s on a list, anyway. I try to improve my lists by reading Morning Pages from last year to see what I forgot to bring. When I did that this year, I saw that every single day of last year’s festival, I was wishing I had brought art supplies.

I still can’t remember when I found myself with enough down time to want art supplies, but I wrote it in my Morning Pages every day, so I am not leaving them behind this year. The art supplies are in the van. So are a lot of other things, taking up every inch of space, but we’re probably still forgetting something. When I find out what it is, I will write about it in my Morning Pages and we will remember to bring it next year.

I guess I’d better not forget to pack my notebook after I write tomorrow’s Morning Pages.

Ready for Morning Pages

Ready for Morning Pages

A Quest

I love my new watercolor pencils. I love them so much, I wore the points to useless little nubs. This was a problem because I did not have a decent pencil sharpener. I know, I know…how could a person with a room full of art supplies not have a decent pencil sharpener? Well, I bought a rotary sharpener a long time ago, but I never found a good place to attach it, so it’s still useless to me. I had plenty of cheap sharpeners, but I knew these would only tear up my pretty new pencils or over-sharpen them until the points broke off. I needed a good hand-held sharpener and, thanks to Samie Kira, I knew exactly which one I wanted. Samie blogs as Journal Girl and I remembered an entire blog post she had done about the best pencil sharpener in the world. It was the Faber Castell 9000 and once I read about how wonderful it was, I couldn’t imagine buying any other sharpener. I decided to go on a quest.

I clipped out some coupons and drove to a nearby shopping center that has a JoAnn at one end and a Michael’s at the other. I tried JoAnn first. No luck. I was still in JoAnn when I got a call from my daughter, who was wondering if I was planning a pencil sharpener hunt. She thought she might like to come along. Oops! I guess I should have called her before I left. I told her I was already on a pencil sharpener hunt and she sounded so disappointed, I offered to drive back and pick her up. We ended up agreeing that I would check Michael’s first and if they didn’t have the pencil sharpener, I would pick up my daughter and we would plan our next move together. Michael’s did not have the pencil sharpener, so I drove to my daughter’s house.

When she came out of the house, we talked about where we should go next. She suggested Hobby Lobby, but I reminded her that it was Sunday and Hobby Lobby would be closed. That left A.C. Moore, which is a long way to our South and West, and the local art supply store, Reddi Arts, which is across the river. Jacksonville is a river city and plenty of folks cross the river every day just to get to their jobs, but my daughter knows I am not fond of crossing the river. Anything seems too far away if I have to cross the river to get to it. In this instance, though, a true art supply store seemed a better bet than a chain arts and crafts store, so we decided to make the river crossing. That’s when I learned that my five-year-old grandson was quite keen on coming along. Oh, and since we were crossing the river, could we maybe drop my daughter’s husband at a Magic: the Gathering tournament over there?

This was turning into quite an adventure.

By this time, it was nearly one o’clock and I usually have my second half-cup of coffee at noon. My daughter knows how cranky I get without my caffeine, so once everyone was buckled up and I said, “Where’s our first stop?”, she said, “Starbucks.” Since I had read in the paper (yes, I still read newspapers – I’m old) that Starbucks had recently started serving the Pumpkin Spice Latte again, I agreed. The first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year is worth celebrating.

Pumpkin spice Latte!

Pumpkin spice Latte!

Once we had our treats from Starbucks, we drove across the river and dropped my son-in-law at the game center. Then my daughter navigated while I drove to Reddi Arts. Reddi Arts is like Disneyland for creative people. It’s simply huge, with art and art supplies everywhere. There’s a gallery. There are watercolors and oil paints and pastels and acrylics. There is every kind of support imaginable, from paper to canvas to board. There are art supplies for children and art supplies for students and art supplies for professional artists. You name it; they have it. Except for the Faber Castell 9000 pencil sharpener. I had to settle for a different Faber Castell, one that had three sharpener heads instead of two. It was not the Holy Grail of pencil sharpeners, but it would have to do. I needed to be able to use my watercolor pencils.


I had to re-sharpen the blue pencil a lot to finish this drawing.