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It has been an interesting week. After finishing my 16” x 20” painting and updating my blog and my List of Fifty Things, I started thinking about what to tackle next. I still needed to finish an art doll and an art quilt before my sixtieth birthday (and first blog anniversary) on February eighth. I was starting to feel some pressure, so I did what I always do under such circumstances – I procrastinated.

Fortunately, I had other things I needed to be thinking about. It was time to count all the tie-dye and balance the inventory. Once that was done, I needed to complete my sales tax spreadsheet and pay my fourth quarter sales taxes. These are tasks that my inner critic usually gives me a whole lot of grief over, because my inner critic is nothing if not responsible when it comes to tedious and unpleasant paperwork. Sometimes I let myself get so stressed out over it, I end up escaping into video games just to calm down.

I didn’t have to do that this week; I was too busy NOT making an art doll or an art quilt to feel any pressure about paperwork. In fact, the paperwork was a perfect escape from the art pressure. While my inner critic was busy going on and on about how I should be working on a creative project, I completed my inventory and my sales tax spreadsheets as an act of pure defiance. It was actually kind of fun. Take that, inner critic!

I mailed out my sales tax return yesterday and I thought I would work on an art project today, but the resistance was strong. Conveniently, I found some other paperwork that really needed to be done. It was time to submit our yearly application to the local arts market. That market has been in existence for five years (2014 is the sixth) and we’ve been approved vendors all five years, so I thought that would be quick and easy, but they added a new requirement this year and it stressed me out. It wasn’t difficult, but it was something for which I had not prepared and that was enough to throw me into a tizzy. It was the kind of tizzy that made me run from my computer and make myself a big bowl of my favorite comfort food – cheese-potato soup.

Mmmm…cheese-potato soup…that’s better. Once I was full of heavy carbs and cheese, that application was much less intimidating. I got the new information (and references – thanks, ladies!) I needed and I sent the application off with no further angst. Whew!

I patted myself on the back and I thought about working on an art project. I really did, but the resistance was still strong. The best I could do was go online and google art dolls. Oh, my goodness, there are a lot of wonderful art dolls out there! I saw paper dolls, rag dolls, polymer clay dolls, porcelain dolls…the possibilities are endless. One reason I have wanted to make an art doll for years and never actually made one is that I haven’t been able to decide what kind of doll I want to make.

This is where procrastination serves me. I have a deadline now and it’s getting close. I don’t have time to do anything complicated. I don’t have time to learn new techniques. That rules out a lot of confusing (and tempting) options. If I’m going to get this done, I’m going to have to do something relatively simple and I’m going to have to use skills and materials that I already have.

That settles it. I’ll be making a cloth doll. With any luck, I will do that before it’s time to publish another blog post.