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Color Magic

Another week has passed and it’s time to come up with a blog post. It sure would be nice if I had a new painting to talk about, but I don’t. Sad but true. I wanted it to happen. I thought it would happen. It just didn’t happen. There was a tie-dye inventory taking up a lot of my time. There was Easter. I spent that at a family gathering seventy miles from home, so I didn’t have any painting time that day. There was visiting time and eating time and walking time, but no painting time. No regrets there. I love our family gatherings.

Okay, but there were seven whole days in that week. Surely I could have squeezed in some painting time somewhere, right? One would think so. One would definitely think so, unless one happened to be a fan of an app game called “Magic Piano.” Is anyone out there such a fan? If you are, you know what Magic Piano did this week. For my readers who are not fans, I will explain.

Magic Piano is a game that lets you play real pieces of music by tapping dots on the screen. You earn game currency, called “smoola,” by watching ads. When you have enough smoola, you use it to buy a song. The song rolls down the screen as a series of dots. When the dots reach a certain line on the screen, you tap them. If you see one dot, you tap that with one finger. It it’s two dots, you need to use two fingers. Three dots, three fingers and four dots, four fingers. Easy peasy, right?

Actually, it’s pretty challenging. Not real piano challenging, but still challenging. When I first started playing, the single notes were all green and all the notes in chords were yellow. It was pretty easy to get mixed up and tap the wrong number, but the game was so addictive, I kept trying for perfection on every song. Some songs are easy, like “A Tisket, a Tasket.” Then there are the difficult songs, like Bach’s “Fugue in D Minor.” Yes, they do have the Toccata as well, but the Fugue is so long, the Toccata is a whole separate song, costing a whole separate amount of smoola.

I love most of the songs, but the ones I find particularly irresistible are the themes from video games. They have Dragon Warrior and Zelda and Mario. I play those a lot, but the ones that I can’t resist are the Battle Music Medley and Boss Music Medley from the Final Fantasy games. I love those medleys, and I became a little obsessed with them. I had been trying for weeks (maybe months; I tend to lose all track of time when I’m playing Magic Piano) to break 20,000 points on the Battle Music Medley.

Until recently, my best score was 19,991. I tried and tried and tried to break 20,000, but I just couldn’t do it. This week, Magic Piano did an update and a wonderful miracle occurred. They changed the dot colors from just two to four. There is now a different color for each possible number of dots. This makes a huge difference.

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

See, I did accomplish something this week.

Who in the World is Prim Fritter?

I believe I may have mentioned that I’m a tad obsessed with iPad games. I blame my older daughter. She put Magic Piano on my iPad mini while my back was turned. Now I have to check it every day to see what the new song is. Then I have to play the new song. There’s a new free song every day. How can I resist that? Of course, there are also plenty of songs that cost game currency, which one can earn by watching ads. I’ll admit it; I have watched a few ads. Okay, a lot of ads. I needed the Smoola to get more songs. One can also spend real money, but I have resisted that temptation. So far.

My daughter also introduced me to hidden object games. I have five of them now. I found a couple of them on my own. Yes, they were advertised on Magic Piano. My daughter set me up with the best one, Mirrors of Albion. She became my friend on that game and she showed me how to make other friends. I now have one hundred and fourteen friends. She has over two hundred. She is the only one of my friends I actually know personally. It doesn’t matter. We all give each other gifts. We can give fifty gifts each day. Why would you need two hundred friends if you can only give fifty gifts a day? Sometimes, your friends go to sleep. It means they haven’t played in a while. If they’re asleep, you can’t exchange gifts with them. Gift-giving is fun and it helps you move the game along without spending real money, so it’s good to have plenty of back-up friends.

Then there’s My Singing Monsters. This is an adorable game. It’s hard to explain the appeal. It has islands and it has monsters that sing and the monsters are all really cute. Each kind of monster sings a different part of each island’s song. The more different monsters you add to your island, the more complex the song becomes. My daughter has actually spent a little bit of real money on this game, but I’m still resisting. For now, anyway.

I’m a word junkie (can you tell?) so I have to play Words With Friends. My daughter and I have several games going at the moment. I can always tell when my daughter wants to send me a message on my iPad. First, she’ll take her turn on Words With Friends to get my attention. Once I take my turn, she knows I’m looking at the iPad and she sends me her message. I don’t have a smart phone, so this is as close as I get to texting.

My daughter also got me hooked on My Little Pony. An evil pony has destroyed Ponyville and we need to rebuild it. We add ponies. We add shops. We put the ponies to work in the shops and collect game currency (bits) so we can buy more ponies and shops. There are mini-games within the game and one of them involves dancing ponies. You get more points if you have other ponies dancing with you and that’s why my daughter signed me up. She had a game on her iPad under one character name and a game on her iPhone under another character name, but that only gave her one other pony to dance with, and the game will let you dance with two other ponies. She needed another pony, and now she has Releaf 60.

That’s me, in the world of ponies, except for a little while yesterday. They had an update of the pony game and added a new Leaderboards feature where you can see where you stand among all the other folks playing the game. There’s a button that says, “Find Me” and I pressed it. It highlighted a line that it seemed to think was me, except that the pony listed was named, “Prim Fritter.”

I am not Prim Fritter. I do not know anyone named Prim Fritter. Today I’m Releaf 60 again, but I’m still curious about Prim Fritter. Do I have an alter-ego? A doppelganger? Who is this Prim Fritter and why was she taking my place on the Leaderboard? It’s a pony-sounding name, so I suspect it may be a placeholder of some kind, but I don’t really want to know.

I’d rather enjoy the mystery.