New Hair Color

I’ve been conducting a little hair color experiment lately. I guess most of you know that I tend to keep my hair a color not found in nature. Well, not in hair, anyway. Birds, maybe, but not hair. My natural color is kind of mousy and I may have put up with it when I was an all-natural hippie wanna-be in high school, but I’m a grown-up now and I can have blue hair if I want to. Or pink or bright red or purple or any combination of those colors. It was bright pink back in May, but it had faded badly between May and early August, so I was starting to look more like a bleached blonde than a quirky artist. Bleached blonde may work for some people, but it’s not a good look for me, so I needed to choose a new color.

I decided to go for turquoise. My daughter has used a lot of different brands of quirky hair color and she recommends Punky Colours, so that’s what we were looking for when we went to a local beauty supply store. A nice employee said they did have some and pointed to it on the shelf. They did, indeed, have some Punky Colours, but there was not a single shade of blue on that shelf. I wanted blue and I didn’t know of any other store in town that carried Punky Colours, so I started looking at the other brands. My daughter ruled some out immediately, but there was one there that neither of us had tried before. The brand was “Adore” and it had some pretty shades of blue.

The one I chose was actually called “Emerald” but the hair swatch beside it was definitely not green. It appeared to be the color I was looking for, so I decided to give it a try. My daughter, God bless her, is always willing to apply hair color for me. This is a good thing. The last time I tried to do it by myself, I got dye all over my bathroom. I was using bright red that time, so it looked as if someone had been murdered in there. My daughter doesn’t need a mirror, so she can apply the dye outdoors.

As careful as she is, there are always drips that must be cleaned up along the way. My daughter became concerned because the drips were way too easy to clean off my ears and scalp. She figured that meant the dye was not going to last very long on my hair. It was too late to make a different decision at that point, so she carried on, but we decided that if it washed out too quickly, we would just try another brand the next time. Live and learn, right?

So here’s how the color looked when I first dyed it:
A week went by and then I took this selfie:
Another week, another selfie:
One more week, and it was still blue:
That was Friday and this was today:
I highly recommend Adore brand hair color to anyone who wants their crazy color to last more than a day or two. Did you notice the new glasses? I picked those up today. I’m still adjusting to them but I can definitely read the dates on coupons now. And here’s a close-up, for those who read my post last week and wanted to see the skull and crossbones.
Am I a cool grandmommy or what?

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