I’m still playing Pokemon Go, but the truth is, I spend a lot more time playing Words With Friends. I am in the middle of thirty-nine games with three different people and I still have to do solo play just to keep going. I’m pretty sure my human opponents are tired of the speed with which I respond. I’m always hoping they will come right back, but they rarely do.

Solo play responds in two minutes and that still seems a bit slow. It’s artificial intelligence; it has its answer within seconds. It’s just patronizing me. I know it’s patronizing me because it plays all kinds of exotic words I’ve never heard of, but it never, ever wins.
Perborate? Exordia? Teloi? All three of those words are underlined in red on my netbook as I’m writing this, but Words With Friends knows them. It can’t manage to win with them, but it knows them. It’s trying to build my vocabulary without injuring my ego.

I prefer real people, pulling things out of their own brains without using a nearly infinite internet dictionary. Oh, I know there are cheat programs for games like this, but I don’t use them and I prefer to believe my opponents don’t use them, either. It’s not about winning, It’s about playing with seven letters and searching my vocabulary for ways to put them together.

Since I sat down to write this blog post, two of my human opponents have actually taken their turns. Woo hoo! Now I get to have some real fun.

4 thoughts on “Words

  1. Pam

    I play Words a lot too. I like the Fast Play version also. I really prefer Scrabble, but fewer people play that.
    I’m with you; if I feel someone is using a cheat app, I will not play another game with them. That has recently happened to me. This particular FB “friend” had never won a game we played. Then all of a sudden he was winning every, single game with weird words and words that I knew were not in his vocabulary. So I just declined a few games. I think he got my point.

    1. releaf1954 Post author

      There’s a fast play version? Now that you mention it, I’ve seen that option, but I wasn’t sure what it meant, so I haven’t tried it. I can’t imagine a cheat program being fun. The fun is in the figuring, not the winning.


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