Paperwork and No Painting

Last week, I was hoping that this week I would be able to report that all my spreadsheets were done and handed off to my accountant. Alas, I have not yet achieved that goal. The good news is that I have finished my spreadsheets. I finished the last of my five FIFO spreadsheets yesterday. Today, I took all of that information and put it into a summary spreadsheet that runs to almost four hundred lines.

It was tedious, so when it was finished, I rested and played iPad games while drinking coffee and eating pie. When the pie and coffee were gone, I could have returned to the gathering of tax information. I could have, but there were seventeen games of Words With Friends waiting for me to take my turns. Some of my opponents were online and took their turns as soon as I took mine.

I believe I will finish gathering my tax information tomorrow. I will get it to my accountant and then breathe for a few minutes before remembering that I need to start my quarterly inventory. I don’t usually run my income tax chores into my quarterly sales tax chores, but that’s just the kind of overachiever I am this year.


I only hope I have learned my lesson and will start all this in January next year.

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