An Unforgettable Festival

I couldn’t stand it. Last week, I said that I was not taking my paints to the Will McLean Music Festival. I didn’t have room for them and I wouldn’t have time to paint. That’s what I said, but in the end, I couldn’t leave them behind. Just before I left to pick up my daughter, I stuffed my small Sta-Wet palette between two bags, dropped a couple of panels in a small space beside my overnight bag, and found space among the bins for my paintbox. I was still pretty sure I wouldn’t have time to paint, but I knew that if I didn’t bring my paints, I would pine for them.

Wonder of wonders, I found time to paint. We arrived at the venue in the early afternoon on Thursday, found our spot and started setting up our booth. When the booth was up, we worked on the changing tent and our sleeping tent. My daughter saw the way I was looking at the sky and said, “Go ahead and paint. I’ll set up the air mattresses.” I didn’t argue very much. The sun was setting and there was no time.

The sun went down so quickly that I ended up doing a lot of this one from memory, in a twilight that was almost completely dark. I didn’t get a good look at it until the next morning. I could see that it was rough, but I loved it. I had to set it aside quickly and get ready to sell tie-dye, but every time my glance fell on it during the weekend, it made me smile.

Willfest Sunset

Willfest Sunset

That one 8” x 10” would have been enough, but I also managed to squeeze in a tiny painting on Saturday. I found a little time in the morning, before we opened our booth, to paint the view from our camping spot. It’s just sky, rushes and a few trees, but I like it.
Willfest Trees

Willfest Trees

Sunday, I did not paint, but I did take some photographs. Everyone who had a picture-taking device took photographs that day, because something unexpected happened. We were just standing in our booth, taking care of business, when we heard a loud cracking sound. We looked up and saw a huge tree come crashing down by the creek across the way. People started running over there from all directions. Someone said, “Call 911,” but someone else said, “Nobody’s hurt.” Once everyone was sure that was true, all the cameras and phones came out. It was quite a sight. Someone said that the folks who had been camping in that spot had pulled out not fifteen minutes before.
Broken Tree

Broken Tree

A sturdy picnic table was completely smashed. I hate to think what would have happened if anyone had been sitting at that table. I took a few pictures and went back to my tie-dye booth. The next morning, I went back to take another look. Someone had left a note on the tree.



Yes. Yes, indeed. Thank you.

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