One More Painting

We are under a wind advisory in Jacksonville, Florida today. I can look out my window and watch the helicopter seed pods on my maple tree go flying off across the yard. Before the day is out, a lot of them will be gone, which makes me glad I finally got around to painting them a few days ago. I had been admiring them for days, watching them get prettier and prettier while I procrastinated about trying to capture them on canvas. I painted a sky on the canvas first, because that was easy.

Another day, I sat on the front porch and did a pencil sketch of the branch I wanted to paint. It was a complex little branch and I wanted to give myself some time to play with the shapes before I brought out the paints again. Once I had a light sketch of the branch, I set the canvas aside for another day or two, waiting for the right weather at the right time of day.

I wanted warmth and I wanted sunshine. I found it at about four o’clock in the afternoon, when the sun was low in the sky and those bright red helicopters sparkled like jewels on the delicate branches.

Maple Branch

Maple Branch

Of course, I couldn’t capture all that magic, but I had fun trying.

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