No Words





imageWhen you wait your whole life to see something, you have huge expectations. You are a little bit afraid that nothing could possibly live up to them. Let me tell you now, the Grand Canyon does not disappoint. It far exceeds anything I could possibly imagine. When I first saw the canyon, I gasped and then I wept. So much beauty! There are no words, so I’m going to stop trying to find some. I will add pictures, but they don’t come close to doing it justice. If you haven’t seen it, you must get out here. Listen to me; don’t wait your whole life to see this.

4 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Shearin Johnson

    I just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it. Looks like you had a beautiful day to see Grand Canyon! I was equally awed when I saw it. Hope you continue to enjoy your vacation.

  2. Joe Makley

    I’m very happy for you! That’s what happens to me at the canyon, and It’s repeatable. I can still remember the clerk at Kolbe studio asking me if I was all right, because I had looked out of the door and choked up again, just with gratitude and the beauty…


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