A Tiny Painting

Rain and rain and more rain. That’s what it means to be in Florida in August. It’s raining as I type this, as it was raining yesterday at this time and just about every day before that for weeks. The garden likes it. The lawn loves it. I can’t say the same thing for my husband, who mows the lawn, but he was born in Florida, so he’s used to it.

Grass is not the only thing that grows well in the wet season. When I went outside looking for something to paint this week, I saw lots of small blue flowers – which I’m sure my husband would call weeds – growing near the fences and under the trees. I was having a lot of trouble motivating myself to paint, so I didn’t imagine a huge landscape. I imagined one little flower on one little canvas.

Little Blue Flower

Little Blue Flower

I looked it up. It’s called an Asiatic dayflower.

Yes, it’s tiny. The flower is tiny. The painting is tiny. The blog post is tiny.

It still counts.

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