Painting in the Garden

Painting outdoors in July in Florida is something that has to be carefully planned. You can’t just grab your paints and head out any old time of day. Afternoons are pretty much impossible, either because it’s too hot or because it’s too wet. It might be both. This is July in Florida, after all.

Noon is for lunch and coffee and I’m not ready for nocturnes, so that leaves mornings. Unfortunately, my tie-dye day job also requires working outdoors in Florida in July. I have to balance my schedule because there are still people (kind, patient, wonderful people) waiting for things they ordered in May. I need to dye and I want to paint. I was able to take a morning for painting last week because my daughter was still tying things.

Shady Corner

Shady Corner

I still haven’t left my own back yard. This is a pine cone lily that grows in the shadiest corner of my back yard. There is also a log, a fence and a wild azalea plant.

The background is my neighbor’s garage. That’s what’s back there, so that’s what I painted. I like this painting better than the one I shared last week. I can see progress and that makes me happy. The next one makes me happier because I can see more progress.

Tiny Red Flowers

Tiny Red Flowers

Yes, it’s my back yard again, but it’s not the shadiest corner. The day started out overcast, so I figured I could paint this little garden bed without worrying about shade. I had been wanting to paint it since the vine with the heart-shaped leaves and tiny red flowers started to take over. I mentioned this to my husband and he said I’d better hurry because that vine was a weed and he planned to clean out the bed, wilted sunflowers, adorable vine and all.

I hurried. Forgive me, kind, patient, wonderful special-order tie-dye customers. That could have been dyeing time, but I took it for painting time because I didn’t want to lose my chance to paint that overgrown garden bed.

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