Festival Frustration

I don’t have time to write a blog post today. I have to leave for the Florida Folk Festival tomorrow morning and I have a million things left to do. I need to start my slaw for the participant’s potluck. I have to cut up the vegetables for the veggie pitas we always have for lunch when we get to the campground. I need to put all my singing dresses, which I washed today, into the plastic hanging bags and load them into the van. I need to load up my suitcase and my super happy fun bag and my autoharp. I should probably practice with that autoharp one more time before I load it up.

All that and more, but there’s one task that’s driving me absolutely bonkers because too much of it is out of my control. The organizers of this event are trying a new method of distributing passes to participants. It’s supposed to be a lot more efficient than the old way and I suppose it might be if they had implemented it a bit sooner. Each group has a contact person and they are sending the vouchers to that person by e-mail. The contact is then supposed to forward the vouchers to the group members so they can print out their tickets and exchange them for wristbands at check-in.

It sounds simple enough, but vouchers started arriving in my e-mail last Friday and I still don’t have them all. I am the contact for the family yodeling act and I am also the contact for the tie-dye business. My to-do lists are long and I can’t check this thing off because I don’t have all the vouchers. I have family members coming to Florida from New Jersey for this festival and some of them have no vouchers.

I have a million things to do and I have to stop and check my e-mail every few minutes to see if any more vouchers have arrived. I haven’t received a single one today. I tell myself to just breathe deeply and do what I can do, but the longer I have to wait for those vouchers, the harder it is to remain calm. My group members are depending on me to get their vouchers to them but I can’t do that if nobody gets them to me. I’m breathing. I’m breathing.

On the upside, we have finished all the tie-dye and I have really pretty dryer lint.

Colorful lint

Colorful lint

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