It Starts

I set a new blog goal last week, so I was really hoping to have made some progress on that goal by now. All I had to do was paint something outdoors. The resistance was strong, though. I thought a lot about painting, but I didn’t paint. Yesterday, I even put on my painting clothes and set up my new Sta-Wet palette. Yes, I have a new Sta-Wet palette. If I have a stalker-type fan out there, you may remember that I gave myself a Sta-Wet Palette at the end of my first blog year, and then you never heard another thing about it.

Well, it turned out the original Sta-Wet palette had a problem. It wasn’t cute. I was shopping in an arts and crafts store recently and saw that there was such a thing as a cute Sta-Wet palette. I went back with a coupon and bought one. Here, you can plainly see the difference:

Not Cute vs Cute

Not Cute vs Cute

As soon as I had acquired a cute Sta-Wet palette, I was sure I would rush right home and use it to create the first of my fifty plein air paintings. I was reasonably sure. Anyway, I thought it might happen. I was wrong. I was tired. Something came up. No plein air painting occurred.

Not that day. Not the next day or the day after. Not yesterday, either. I was seriously looking at the possibility of having to write one more blog post about procrastination. I couldn’t face that, so this morning, I finally did something. I took my paints and my cute palette into the back yard and I looked around. My husband had been potting things up recently and a maple seedling caught my eye. I needed to paint something I found personally eye-catching and that was it.

Maple Seedling

Maple Seedling

It’s itty bitty, but I painted it outdoors, so it counts.


9 thoughts on “It Starts

    1. releaf1954 Post author

      I guess it’s just procrastination season. I’m going to have to fight it. It’s time to make all the new tie-dye for the Florida Folk Festival. 😀

  1. fairywebmother

    It totally counts and it’s beautiful. I get the need for cuteness. I love to create Go-kits for making art everywhere. I even bought the domain name “”. Cuteness is an important motivator. You are excused from creating without cuteness.

    Next time you scan one, look for a select mode, so you can get rid of all that grey. Is there software you can go through? Let me know if I can help you figure that out. We could facetime, or something.

    1. releaf1954 Post author

      I have discovered how to get rid of all that gray. The reason I don’t do it is that then you would get a magnified view that I didn’t have while I was painting it. The close-up you get by clicking on it is already closer than I can get while I’m painting it. It just doesn’t seem fair, somehow, that my readers get to see things I couldn’t see while I was working. Are you going to do something with that domain name? That’s a blog I would love to follow.

  2. fairywebmother

    Ha! I have too many blogs! It’s an Idea, though. My thought was to create a site that sold art travel kits of all sizes, shapes and mediums, specializing in small (cute) items for creating on the go … but I’ve given thought to a travel blog/reality show to go with it! Lol.

    As far as your image goes, I totally get what you’re saying. Do you have any imaging software that will help you resize your image? I have been making a tiny doll. Along the way, I’m taking pics with my phone. The images are huge, compared to the actual doll, which reveals mistakes I can’t see with the naked (or even glass-ed) eye. A smart phone is a tool I didn’t have, back in my doll days. I’m finding it very useful for blowing up my work, to see how to correct it.

    1. releaf1954 Post author

      Thank you. I just promised myself I would write once a week, even if I had to write something lame. I found it was very freeing to give up the idea that every post had to be a polished gem. That idea had me skipping weeks –even months– between posts. I like being able to trust myself to show up. I will show up, even if I don’t have any wonderful creative activities to write about. Sometimes all I have to write about is my own resistance, but that’s okay, as long as I show up.


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