A Bigger Painting

When I stopped at Publix the day before my blogiversary, they only had one bunch of sunflowers in the store. They were a bit bedraggled but I really wanted to paint some sunflowers that day, so I bought them anyway. I went back a few days later and they had restocked the sunflowers. I couldn’t resist buying another bunch. Since my first bunch had been the dark orange-yellow kind, I chose a bunch of lighter yellow ones for my second bunch. I thought I would go right home and put them in the vase with my older ones and paint them.

I did put them in the vase, but I procrastinated on the painting. I had important things to do. I’m working on spreadsheets that will sort out my tie-dye inventory the way the IRS wants it sorted (FIFO) and it’s a tedious process that makes me wonder every year why I don’t just shut this business down and get a real job. Then I remember that a real job feels like death in a cubicle and I get back to work on my spreadsheets. My inner critic is happy when I’m working on spreadsheets.

I wanted to paint, but I resisted painting. It wasn’t just the FIFO thing, either. I was nervous about painting. I had just finished my first whole year of painting and I had spent time in this blog congratulating myself for meeting my goal and celebrating the progress I had made. For some reason, that made it hard to start a new painting. I thought about it every day, but I didn’t do it. My flowers stayed pretty, but I knew they wouldn’t last forever. It would be a shame to have eight sunflowers in the house and let them wilt without trying to paint them.

Yesterday, I finally decided what size canvas to use (16” x 20”) and I painted it purple. My daughter had set up her tying table in front of some bins, which made it a perfect place to hang a purple towel and set up my sunflowers. My usual display area wouldn’t work because the arrangement was too big.

Once the purple was dry, I tried to do some sketching on it with a pencil, but it just didn’t work. I decided I needed a charcoal pencil and then I decided I didn’t want to go out in the rain to get one, so I went back to my spreadsheets.

My husband got home as I was working on my spreadsheets and said he needed to go the store which must not be named (Okay, it was Walmart) to get a coffee maker for his office. He wondered if I would like to go along and I jumped at the chance, since he would be the one driving in the rain. He got his coffee maker and I got some charcoal pencils. Yes, the store which must not be named carries charcoal pencils.

It was pretty late by the time we got home and I still needed to cook supper, so I waited until this morning to sketch my sunflowers. I took a couple of photographs of the set-up because I was using natural light and I had a feeling I would not be able to finish the painting before the light changed. I was right about that. This painting took me about six hours to complete.

More Sunflowers

More Sunflowers

It was worth it, but the next time I try a project like this, I hope I remember to stop for lunch.

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