Still Painting

Seven more days, seven more paintings. Okay, I will admit I skipped painting one day and doubled up the next. The day I skipped was the day I finally dragged myself to a doctor and got some antibiotics. I was tired after all that running around and I just decided not to push it. It was the right decision. The next day I painted two paintings with no problem.

All of this week’s paintings are itty bitty paintings. I was still feeling unwell and I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew. I knew I could handle tiny canvases without committing too much time to the project every day. I need to get braver in the next ten days or I need to go shopping for more itty bitty canvases. I’m starting to run low. Almost all of my new paintings are fruits and vegetables. I painted a bulb of garlic, a small tangerine, some green onions on a cutting board and a couple of strawberries.

Four Tiny Paintings

Four Tiny Paintings

The next day was my doctor day and the day after that, I painted two paintings. One is a painting of some nuts I borrowed from my husband. He’s been enjoying mixed nuts since the grocery store marked them down after Christmas. I put them back in the nut dish when I was finished, so I don’t think he missed them. The other painting I did that day was a tiny landscape. I based it on a photograph I took when I was in North Carolina last October.

I don’t think the location is recognizable, so I will just tell you that it’s Graveyard Fields, one of my favorite spots on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I know there are a lot of problems with this landscape, but there is something I like about it – that little bit of blue sky peeking through the clouds above the mountains. I like that piece of blue sky.

Three Tiny Paintings

Three Tiny Paintings

Today, I found half of an orange in the refrigerator. I think it might be a blood orange; the flesh is definitely dark pinkish red. It was wrapped in plastic wrap, which I removed while I was painting it. I couldn’t help thinking of that commercial that used to come on when I was young. It was an ad for plastic wrap, and the wife came in and saw the husband painting a still life of cut fruits and screamed, “Oh, the honeydew!” Plastic wrap saved the day. I am old. Some of my contemporaries will remember this commercial; the rest of you won’t have any idea what I am talking about.

The husband probably should have checked with his wife before he cut the honeydew. The orange I found in the refrigerator was already cut, so I won’t be in trouble with my husband. I didn’t get paint on it or anything. I wrapped it back up in plastic wrap and I put it back in the refrigerator. I’m sure it’s just fine.

I managed seven paintings this week and I’m happy. Forty down, ten to go. I’m getting close!

6 thoughts on “Still Painting

  1. releaf1954 Post author

    I am on the home stretch! I’m kind of excited about it. I sure hope I’m well enough to come to Chorale rehearsal Monday night. I hate missing rehearsals!


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