More Drawings

Wednesday is blog day. I just realized I have set myself up to be posting on Christmas Eve. I sure hope all the things I’ve been putting off will be done by then. We have a tree, but it’s not in the house yet. I’ve barely started my shopping and I’ve only baked three kinds of cookies, out of twelve I intend to bake.

On the upside, I’ve kept up with the December Daily Drawing Challenge. There have been more fruits and vegetables floating in space. There have been leaves. One ambitious day, I drew an entire potted plant. It was fun because I drew it last year, when it only had two leaves. Now it has ten and I managed to capture eight of them. I’m happy with this drawing.

Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant

I’m also happy with this onion.


It was a challenge because I was working with a small set of watercolor pencils. The only brown in the set is dark umber and that’s not very useful when drawing an onion. I had to blend yellows and oranges to get this done and I like the way it turned out.

Then there’s this lime.



A green fruit is a bit easier because there are three shades of green in my tin of twelve watercolor pencils. Three greens – an embarrassment of riches!

I don’t have a lot of words left in me today, so I’m going to wrap it up now. The Daily Drawing Challenge is not what’s keeping me from getting my Christmas shopping, decorating and baking done. That’s my own lethargy. The Daily Drawing Challenge is the good part of my day, the time when, against all odds, I actually get something done. Thanks again, Grace. I’m enjoying this!

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