I thought if there was one week in the year it would be impossible for me to put up a Wednesday blog post, it would be this week. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and today is my pie-baking day. I bake a lot of pies, so it’s a busy day. I spent my day transforming my dining room table from this:

My Painting Mess

My Painting Mess

To this:
Cleared Table

Cleared Table

And then to this:


Those are only some of the pies I baked today. At the time the picture was taken, there were already two in the refrigerator. There were also two in the oven and there were three I was still putting together. We host a big family gathering on Thanksgiving. This is still way more pie than we need. Why do I do it? I’m not quite sure. I just love pie and I became the family pie-baker while my mother was still hosting the gathering at her house. In those days, I would make up to thirty pies. I have cut back, now that mom is gone and there’s a turkey in my own oven on Thanksgiving morning.

My mom loved pie, too. That’s one reason I made so many. She wanted plenty of leftovers and I was happy to make them for her. I was happy to make them for everyone. My middle brother, also gone now, always used to take a pumpkin and a pecan home with him. Other siblings took other pies. Nieces and nephews got their favorites, too. Not as many go out the door whole any more, but I still send lots of pie home with relatives.

I also keep a few here in order to honor my favorite holiday tradition. Other people can go out shopping on Black Friday. I stay home and watch Christmas videos while eating leftover pie. I will start with Emmet Otter’s Jug-band Christmas. My list always includes The Muppet Family Christmas and The Muppet Christmas Carol, too. Then I’ll probably run through a few other versions of A Christmas Carol, including the Albert Finney “Scrooge,” The Alistair Sim “Scrooge,” and the one from 1938 that’s full of Lockharts.

I have animated versions, too – Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Magoo’s Christmas Carol and the Disney one that’s so intense I won’t let small children watch it. I even have a version that’s a Western, starring Jack Palance. I am not kidding.

Do I like this story much? What can I say? I am just a sucker for redemption.

And pie.

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