Apple Season

Well, here I am, back in flat Florida and I never got a chance to paint while I was in North Carolina. The weather was only completely clear one day while we were there and we spent that day cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway, admiring the beautiful leaves. There was no time to set up in one place for hours and paint. I will keep that on my wish list for another trip.

I did paint today, though, and there is a North Carolina connection. We never go to North Carolina in October without visiting an apple orchard. Sometimes we visit more than one. This time, we went to our favorite, Justus Orchard in Hendersonville. We picked out a half-bushel of apples, a mixture of Arkansas Black, Mutsu and Pink Lady. I like my apples crisp and tart.

This morning, I took one of each and put them on a plate. I put the plate on a yellow cloth and then I painted my little still life. I like it.

Apples on a plate

Apples on a plate

The green one is the Mutsu. You can probably figure out the other two. While I was in the middle of painting this, my older daughter called. She wanted to come over and do some laundry. She wanted to bring my grandsons with her so we could do some thrift store shopping later. Thrift stores are great for finding inexpensive costume elements. Halloween is only nine days away, after all. I agreed to pick her up, but I told her I was in the middle of a painting and I needed to get right back to it as soon as we returned to my house. Fortunately, they only live five minutes away.

My grandsons were kind enough to leave me alone while I finished my painting. Then the younger one said he would like to paint, too. I offered him one of my itty bitty canvases, but he said he would rather have a “medium” one, meaning one the size of my apple painting. I found him an 8” x 10” and let him use the paint left on my palette.

KM picture

KM picture

He’s in a Halloween mood, so it’s a bit creepy, but I think it also has an innocent charm. He likes the pthalo blue as much as I do. He’s six years old, so he’s getting an early start with the fine art supplies. This particular grandson is the first person (besides myself) to own one of my paintings. He asked me for one months ago and chose my itty bitty snowman painting that I made when I went to North Carolina in March. He put it in his bedroom, near his pillow, to keep nightmares at bay. It makes me happy to know my little snowman is watching over him.

We went pumpkin shopping and thrift store shopping in the afternoon. I took them home when the laundry was all done and then I gathered the apples from my still life, plus a few more, and I made an apple pie.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

I painted, I spent time with my grandsons and I baked. This has been a good day.

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