I am on vacation and I should be able to give myself a special dispensation to skip this week’s blog post but, darn it, a commitment is a commitment. It’s Wednesday and I will post something. If anyone has been hoping I might write something short and sweet that won’t take long to read, this is your lucky week!

I brought my paints with me but I haven’t had a chance to spend time painting, which is a shame because Autumn in North Carolina is the one thing I most want to paint. I have done a couple of small drawings, just to keep my hand in. It’s amazing to me how doing even one small drawing opens up my mind and heart.

I look up from my sketchbook and everything is beautiful. Every single leaf, stone and weed makes my heart sing. Then we go out for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and see things like this:

The lower falls at Graveyard Fields

The lower falls at Graveyard Fields

Graveyard Fields

Graveyard Fields

It’s really going to be hard to return to flat Florida.

4 thoughts on “Beauty

    1. releaf1954 Post author

      Thank you. I still have hope that a small painting will be possible. I am always sorry to miss Chorale rehearsal, but I have had a couple of chances to sing up here with Gail, and there will be one more of those before I head home. 😊


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