An Interesting Week

I had hoped to have a painting to blog about this week, but fate had other plans for me. Most of my blog readers are friends and family, so most of you already know what happened this week to keep me from painting. For the one or two of you who do not follow me on Facebook, I will explain a bit about my interesting week.
My grandson caught a cold at the Florida Folk Festival during the Memorial Day weekend. He was already improving by the time we got home, but the cold spread to other members of the family. All of his household caught it and, here in my household, it was picked up by my husband. He felt unwell the day we got back from the festival. He had to stop and rest in the middle of the unloading process, which is not like him, but we put it down to the excessive heat. The cold symptoms started the next day.
That was Tuesday. He got a cough and the cough got worse and worse until he was unable to sleep at night because of it. On Sunday, he asked me to take him to a walk-in clinic. On Monday, he asked me to take him to the emergency room. I tried to remain calm. He knew how worried I was. When we got in the car, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “I’m not having a heart attack. You don’t need to haul ass.”
He was referring to the last time I had driven him to the ER, seventeen years ago, when he was, in fact, having a heart attack. We didn’t know that until we got there, of course, but I guess emergency room people can spot that look quickly, because they met us with a wheelchair when I pulled up. I hadn’t called anyone; I had just hauled ass to the nearest hospital. They did an angioplasty, put in a stent and said he was lucky. There was not a lot of damage to his heart.
This time, we were sure it was just a respiratory problem. We were wrong. He ended up back in the cath lab and now he has three new stents, in the same artery that had just one seventeen years ago. The “heat exhaustion” he had experienced on Monday was probably a silent heart attack. He had no chest pain and no symptoms that reminded him of his earlier heart attack. Needless to say, we are glad we went to the emergency room.
He’s still in CCU, but he’s improving and they have said, again, that there was little damage to his heart. We’re still waiting for conclusive word on the respiratory problem. Needless to say, I haven’t taken any time lately to paint. I’ve been at the hospital during visiting hours and taking care of household things and paperwork when I’m at home. I want to give a shout-out to my younger daughter, Emily, who has helped immensely with the paperwork and with keeping me on an even keel. She’s an honest-to-goodness grown-up now – a big change from the last time we had to deal with a situation like this. She also brought her sister, who doesn’t drive, out to spend time with us at the hospital. It sure is nice to have that kind of support.
I’m also incredibly grateful for all the encouraging words posted by friends and family on Facebook. I used to wonder, when folks asked for prayers on Facebook, if my little comment, “Praying” was at all helpful in a such a big, scary situation. Now I know that every thought and word and little heart makes a huge difference. When I feel worried and shaky, as if I’m standing on the edge of an abyss, I can look at those comments and know I will not fall. Too many people are holding me up, with their thoughts and their prayers.
With your help, I am coping and, finally, resting. I hope to have my husband home soon and I hope to have a chance to paint, because the birds at my feeder have given me something pretty special in my back yard.



6 thoughts on “An Interesting Week

  1. Karyl

    Through Bettina I’ve been following along. And yes, you and your entire family, have been in my thoughts and prayers. I’m glad you’re able to rest now. Karyl (formerly from FL)

  2. LadyGrave

    Not sure how I missed this a few days ago! Glad for the update, and glad to hear Uncle Pat is home and on the mend. Looking forward to seeing new bird-feeder inspired paintings *after* you’ve had a chance to rest up.


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