Festival Prep and Mother’s Day

The first time we agreed to be vendors at the Florida Folk Festival, we drove ourselves nuts trying to make enough tie-dye. We had not planned to sell tie-dye at the Florida Folk Festival in 2008. We had only taken our first tie-dye workshop in 2006 and we intended to grow our business slowly, trying out small events close to home as we learned the ropes. The Florida Folk Festival was way out of our league and besides, our mentor was the tie-dye guy at the Florida Folk Festival. He freely shared his knowledge with us and there was no way we would compete with him at his biggest event of the year.

Our plan for 2008 was to take things even slower than we had in 2007 because my daughter (who is my business partner and does all the tying) had decided that late 2007 or early 2008 would be a good time to have a second child. She was in her third trimester when we heard the news that our generous tie-dye mentor, Mark Wright, had been found, slumped over his half-finished tie-dye, dead of a heart attack in early middle age. Our whole folk community was shocked and saddened by this news.

That was in late October of 2007. In November, the organizers of the Florida Folk Festival asked us if we would be the new tie-dye vendors in 2008. We’ve been part of that folk family for decades and we felt that Mark would want us to do our best with the knowledge he had given us, but we were far from ready for such a huge event. Even without the complication of a new baby in January, it would have been difficult. As it was, it was nearly impossible, but we did it anyway. I held the baby while my daughter was tying. She held him while I was dyeing.

Mother’s Day came in the middle of the rush and I spent it outside all day, making tie-dye in the heat. I thought it would be nice to take a break on that special day, but there just wasn’t time. The sun was shining; I had to be making tie-dye. I worked a lot of twelve-hour days that Spring, and Mother’s Day was one of them. I had no choice. Time was short and we needed all the tie-dye we could finish by festival time. We were still rinsing things out the day we left for the festival.

Ever since that first year of Florida Folk Festival preparation, I have had the dream of actually resting on Mother’s Day. They haven’t all been twelve-hour days in the years since 2008, but they have all been work days. I have not been able to get enough done in advance to take a day off in early May. I have high hopes that this year might be the year. I have three-and-a-half color palettes to finish and I have three days left before Mother’s Day. One of the color palettes does have a lot of items in it, but the others are not as full. Mother Nature may also help me out this year. My daughter tells me there’s an eighty per cent chance of rain that day. I hope there aren’t too many people praying for sunny weather on Sunday. I think rain would be perfect.

I’ll let you know how that turns out when I write next week’s blog post. This week, I can report that the new deck box we bought last week is working out well.

New Deck Box

New Deck Box

It sure holds a lot of tie-dye!
Tie-Dye Inside

Tie-Dye Inside

4 thoughts on “Festival Prep and Mother’s Day

  1. sarahcotchaleovitch

    I hope you do get your well-deserved rest on Mother’s Day–Mary, too. And thank you for sharing that story; I never knew your history of tie-dye at the Florida Folk Festival.

  2. fairywebmother

    All will be well. Enjoy our Mother’s Day. I will visualize rain in Jacksonville. Kind of easy, because it’s raining here, right now. I’m hoping for sun, in the North Country, because we are traveling to Ohio to be with Sarah and Robbie. Sarah is the only Mother I have left, so it seems appropriate. 🙂


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