It’s Always Something

I was pretty sure I would not have a painting to blog about this week. We’re into May now, and that means all our time needs to be spent making tie-dye. We’re getting ready for our biggest event of the year. It’s the Florida Folk Festival and it happens on Memorial Day weekend, which comes particularly early this year. We’re down to just three weeks and that makes every day a work day. If the sun is up and it’s not storming outside, I need to be making tie-dye.

When the sun came up this morning, it was not storming outside. I allowed myself time to eat breakfast and then I went out and started making tie-dye. I was working on Purples and I had dyes left from yesterday, so I was able to get right to work without mixing. After a while, I ran out of Deep Purple and Warm Purple, so I went into the garage to mix more dye. I had thrown a plastic tablecloth over my chest freezer to turn it into a mixing station and I mixed up the Deep Purple with no trouble. Then I put the ingredients for Warm Purple into my blender and turned it on. I went outside to rinse my measuring spoons in the bucket of water I keep by my dyeing table and I heard a strange sound from the blender in the garage. I ran back in there and the darn thing was smoking.

I hit the off button and pulled the plug. I don’t know much about blenders, but it’s my considered opinion that when one starts smoking, it’s time to get a new blender. This required a phone call to my daughter. I was in urgent need of a blender but I knew I didn’t want to get the same brand as the one that just went up in smoke. It hadn’t lasted a year. Our first blender lasted six years, but it was the same brand, so I had no clue what blender to try next. All I knew was that my daughter would have an opinion.

My daughter always has an opinion. She researches everything online before she buys anything. She reads reviews. She canvasses her friends. She does her homework. I was desperate for an opinion and she did not fail me. She said I should get a blender like hers. I asked where she got it. She said she got it at Target and if I was going to Target, she wanted to come along. She needed kitty litter.

I needed to be dyeing but I couldn’t dye without a blender, so I picked up my daughter and we went to Target. She had to wake up her husband to watch the kids, but all she had to say was “blender emergency” and he completely understood. We’re tie-dye artists. It’s our busy season. There was no time to lose.

Of course, once we got to Target, we managed to misplace some time. My daughter needed a few other things besides kitty litter. We had been thinking about buying a deck box for the business ever since my husband sold the old RV where we used to store the tie-dye while it was batching. This seemed like a good time to take care of that, so we balanced a large deck box on top of our shopping cart, which didn’t exactly speed up our progress through the store. By the time we got back from Target, it was almost noon.

When we did our first Florida Folk Festival, we skipped a lot of meals in order to get enough tie-dye done before Memorial Day weekend. The upside was that we both lost weight (actually, that was only an upside for me; my daughter never needs to lose weight). The downside was that we were totally exhausted and were unable to actually enjoy the festival. We could barely manage to be charming to our customers. Well…polite, anyway. The point is, we are no longer willing to skip meals in order to make more tie-dye. We stopped for lunch.

After lunch, we went outside. I set up the new blender while my daughter put the new deck box together. I mixed my Warm Purple dye and I started working on my Purple Rayons. There were only three of them and I was still trying to finish the last one when the rain started coming at me sideways. I was working under a canopy, but I couldn’t endure sideways rain. Or lightning.

I packed up and came inside. I thought about starting my weekly blog post, but my daughter (who was tying things at a table in my living room) said I should paint. There really was nothing I could do about the tie-dye in the middle of a storm, so I allowed myself to paint. I didn’t have a lot of time, so it’s another itty bitty painting, but it is a painting. It counts.

Apple and lime

Apple and lime

2 thoughts on “It’s Always Something

  1. sarahcotchaleovitch

    I know you would consider it cheating, but doesn’t tie-dye count as a sort of painting? Painting’s cousin? Oh well, you managed both. I hope you have better whether soon (although it may still be a couple days). Enjoy your paints until then. 😊

  2. releaf1954 Post author

    It’s pouring as I type this, so I guess I won’t be dyeing today. I’ll be scrambling to get the tie-dye done when the sun comes back out, but I can’t work outside in the rain, so I might as well enjoy my paints. First, though, I need to get a new external hard drive for my computer. That died yesterday, too. It’s always something! 🙂


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