Procrastination and Painting

I got excited about painting last week. I saw that a local craft store was having a sale on canvases and I decided to treat myself to some that were bigger than any I had on hand. The new ones are 18” x 24” and I took them home thinking I just couldn’t wait to get started on a new painting.

There were other things I needed to do first, of course. Lots of things. As it turned out, an almost endless number of things, all of which were way more important than indulging my burning desire to paint. I needed to cook meals. I needed to do laundry. I needed to buy groceries. I needed to sweep the living room floor. I needed to wash dishes. I needed to sit. I needed to read. I needed to read about how to paint.

For most of the week, that was as close as I got to painting. Unless you count tie-dye. I did need to work on that, too. We have a festival coming up next week and we hadn’t done any dyeing since November. We need Rainbows. We need Fruities. We need Oceans. We need lots of other color palettes, but all we can do is all we can do and we’re pretty sure that’s all we can do before next week. Maybe some Pink and Purple dresses for little girls. Maybe…

I had a lot of good reasons for not painting right away. The longer I put it off, the harder it was to imagine starting to paint. What would I paint? We ate the mangoes. There weren’t any other attractive fruits in the house. There was some nice scenery outdoors, but the weather was unreliable and when it did clear up, that was tie-dye time, not painting time. I kept procrastinating, in the name of all kinds of really important stuff that I absolutely had to get done, until blog day rolled around and I realized it had been a whole week and I hadn’t painted anything.

Did I want to end up blogging about procrastination again? I did not. I was obviously not going to complete a big painting in the time I had left. Fortunately, I had also picked up a five-pack of tiny canvases. I decided I could manage one of those. I found a little blue bowl – something I had glazed myself in one of those “paint your own pottery” places – and I filled it with grape tomatoes. It was small and cute, just like my canvas. All right! This was something I could paint!

I had a lot of fun with this one.

cute little painting

cute little painting

It’s itty bitty, but it’s a painting, and it counts.

4 thoughts on “Procrastination and Painting

  1. chrissyfaery36

    Gorgeous!! I love the vibrant colours! 🙂 I enjoy doing mini-paintings when I’ve got a lot on too! xx


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