What? It’s blog day again, already? Where did that week go? I will admit it right now: I did not paint this week. I did take myself on a celebratory shopping trip to JoAnn, where I bought a Sta-wet palette. There’s a Michael’s in the same shopping center, so I walked down there and bought a tube of acrylic paint. I was offering enticements to my inner artist, but I think she was still tired from the late-night stitch-fest last Friday. She did not take the bait.

All of my inner children and I are still recovering from that final sprint to the finish line. I don’t want to lose the momentum I built up in that last month, but I need some quiet time right now. I survived Halloween, NaNoWriMo, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Tax Season. I need a rest before I dive into festival season, which starts in just a few weeks and is the busiest time of year for the tie-dye business.

It’s obvious that I will need to set some goals for my second blog year. I actually did some creative things last year and the only reason that happened was that I put my wishes into words and published them here in my blog. I mentioned last week that I think my focus for my sixty-first year will be painting. I want to say something about how often I will paint or how many things I will paint, but I haven’t figured out yet what might be reasonable. When I started my first blog year, I was pretty sure that fifty things would be reasonable. I was pretty sure I was ready to make one painting, one art doll and one art quilt, even though I had been wanting to do those things for six years and I hadn’t done a single one. At the beginning of every one of those years, I wrote in my morning pages, “Maybe this will be the year…”

“Maybe this will be the year I finally make an art quilt. Maybe this will be the year I finally make an art doll. Maybe this will be the year I paint.” I was so sick of writing that and never doing any of it that I knew I had to find a way to make a real change, a way to break the block. This blog was the way. I put it all in writing and I sent it out into the world. Once it was out there, I couldn’t take it back. I had to follow through. I did follow through and I met my goals. Now I need new goals and I’m not sure what to do. I need to rest and ponder and figure out what’s reasonable.

Meanwhile, I baked some cookies.

Rolled Ginger Cookies

Rolled Ginger Cookies

It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty sure heart-shaped cookies are reasonable.

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