NaNoWriMo and Cupcakes

I just wrote two whole sentences of a blog post, decided I didn’t like them and back-spaced all the way to the beginning to start over. It felt wonderful. I’m now a week into NaNoWriMo and the hardest part of that challenge is to JUST KEEP WRITING. I’m not allowed to edit. I’m not allowed to decide that all of chapter two sucks and I should just toss it and start over. Nope. I have to keep writing. Of course, right now I’m running smack into the second week slump and I hate everything I’ve ever written and I’m pretty sure I’ve never had any writing talent in my whole life, but this is my second NaNoWriMo, so I know that’s perfectly normal and the only way through it is to just keep writing.
Even if I have no idea what comes next, just keep writing. Even if my peripheral character is threatening to take over my whole story and my protagonist seems to be okay with that, just keep writing. Even if I just wrote a plot hole big enough to hold the Empire State Building, just keep writing. Throw a few elephants in there for now and move on, because my characters have places to go and things to do and people to see. Or to hide from; it depends on the people. The point is, they’ve been drinking tea and discussing ancient history long enough. It’s time for something to actually happen, even if I don’t know what it is and I’m scared to find out.
My procrastination strategy for the beginning of week two is to write a blog post. My daughter decided to bake cupcakes. Mochaccino Cupcakes. That’s right, blog friends, there’s strong, black coffee in these babies. AND sugar. She even made them NaNoWriMo cupcakes by adding the slogan from last year’s Winner T-shirt.

Winner Slogan

Winner Slogan

By the time the cupcakes made it to my house, all that were left were “excuses” and “words.”

Yummy words

Yummy words

I’m working on words. I don’t need any more excuses.

5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo and Cupcakes

  1. releaf1954 Post author

    When are you coming to Jacksonville again? Maybe I can get Mary to bake some more. Cupcakes don’t last long in that house full of boys. I’m just glad she saved me some words!


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