This has been a week of post-vacation let-down and lethargy. We’ve had cold weather here in Florida, for the first time this season, and that makes me want to sit in a chair, wrapped up in a fleece blanket, drinking warm drinks and reading. It does not make me want to get up and do things. I’ve been a woman at rest and I have stayed at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. Today, a nice outside force got me out of my chair.

My older daughter and her sons came over to make Halloween cupcakes. I provided the space to work and the basic ingredients. She brought over her favorite mixer, plus a big collection of food colorings and sprinkles. She also brought her i-Pad, her i-Home and her Halloween playlist. There were lots of songs from Creature Feature and Voltaire on that list, but she also had classics like Monster Mash and the Purple People Eater. We were dancing all over the kitchen while we were making cupcakes. When it was time to do the Time Warp, we formed a line. I have never actually mastered the Time Warp – I was busy raising children when The Rocky Horror Picture Show was building its cult following – but I had fun trying it with my daughter and my five-year-old grandson.

My fourteen-year-old grandson was in the living room with his Granddaddy, watching the Jaguars lose again and coming into the kitchen from time to time to see if the cupcakes were ready to eat yet. I think I have at least a couple of readers who are not from the United States, so I will explain that the Jaguars are the local football team and, so far this year, they have a perfect record. They have lost every single game. There’s been some discussion in the sports pages about whether or not they might just be the worst team in the history of the National Football League. My husband is a loyal fan and cheers them on from his recliner every week, but I’m thinking they might as well try for worst team ever. At least then they’d be the best at being the worst. Go for the title, Jaguars!

The kitchen was more fun than the living room. While the cupcakes were cooling, my daughter made frosting and divided it into five small bowls. Then she started adding food coloring. We ended up with white, black, purple, green and orange. She put some of the frosting into plastic bags and snipped one corner of each bag so she could squirt the frosting out and add detail to her cupcakes.

Fun with frosting

Fun with frosting

Things looked pretty messy while all this was going on. I think there may still be some orange frosting on my kitchen wall, but we made some lovely, creepy cupcakes. My daughter gets credit for all the ones that were obviously done by an artist. I could try to blame the messy ones on the five-year-old and you’d probably believe me, but the truth is, I did those.

Finished cupcakes

Finished cupcakes

The hardest part? Keeping the boys from eating any of them before we could photograph all of them. The ugliest one is not here. That one went into the five-year-old before the picture was taken. Use your imagination.

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