Here’s the plan

My daughter called me after my second blog post. “So,” she said, “your first post was about starting a blog and your second post was about all the stuff you want to do. That means that by your third post, you’re going to have actually done something, right?”

Right. Yes. Of course. I would get together with my sacred circle of inner children and we would come up with a plan. We would light candles. We would burn incense. We would sing the theme song (yes, there’s a theme song. How could there not be a theme song?) A good time would be had by all and a project would be chosen.

A project was chosen, actually. Chosen and begun, but then life intervened, as it often does, and I had to put the glitter away for a while. There was a surprise trip to St. Louis and then there was a long weekend of babysitting my grandchildren and then…well, then I was exhausted.

The project is not finished but I don’t want to put off the third blog post until it is. Yes, the whole purpose of the blog is to motivate myself to make stuff but I don’t want the blog to become just one more creative thing I’m dreaming about and not doing. I want to do this one.

Let me mention the other things I want this blog to help me do. I want to make an art quilt. I want to make an art doll. I want to paint at least one 16” x 20” canvas. These are the three things I’ve been dreaming of doing for years and not doing. The big three.

I also want to do fifty things, total, before my next birthday. I don’t know what the fifty things will be except that they include the big three. They will also include other, smaller things. A page in my art journal counts. Any kind of drawing counts. A new song, a new poem, a short story or a novel (!) would also count. If it’s the least bit creative, it counts.

I know there are people out there doing a drawing every day and they might think my goals are not very ambitious, but they don’t know how stuck I am or how long I’ve been stuck. I want goals that feel challenging but achievable.

For starters, the girls and I have decided to make tiny shrines in Altoids tins, one for each of them, beginning with the youngest. That’s the project I started before life got in the way – a shrine for little Ruthie, the preschooler who loves pink and believes in magic. I’ll show you that the next time I post. Meanwhile, if you’d like to pleasantly waste a few hours on the internet, google “Altoids Tin Shrines”. There’s some gorgeous stuff out there.

4 thoughts on “Here’s the plan

  1. LadyGrave

    I think your fifty things goal sounds plenty ambitious! It’s nearly one thing a week. That’s a lot. 🙂 The altoid tin shrines sound cool, and I’m excited to see your progress on the three big things.

    Addendum, on the subject of blogging, do you know about tagging posts? You can enter keywords in a little window on the side when you’re publishing a post, and it helps people find your blog both in the wordpress reader and through google searches. You might tag this post under Art, Creativity, and Altoid Tin Shrines, for example.

  2. releaf1954 Post author

    Thank you, LadyGrave. There is much I don’t know about blogging and I appreciate any help I can get. Tagging sounds like something I should be doing.


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